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Hi everyone,

I own an Aaton LTR 7, and I was hoping someone would be able to offer some advice on a bridge plate / rig that would be compatible. The wooden grip handle that came with the camera constantly comes loose and is more annoying than practical for handheld shooting. I'd prefer to just sort a set up with rails and moose bars that I can adjust more easily. 

I found an ARRI BP-5 on ebay but it seems that they work best with 35mm / Digital cameras. Can anyone recommend an alternative bridge plate that could work?

Any suggestions/ recommendations would be super appreciated!


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  • Kia Little changed the title to Aaton LTR | Compatible Shoulder Rig / Handlebars

I suspect your handle has become worn over the years, so working loose. If you can find a newer one, with less worm components, you will find it to be very firm for hand holding.  I changed mine a few years before selling the camera.

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Thanks so much for your advice everyone!

I've taken Brian's advice and found a replacement handle which has actually done the trick. Really happy to not have spent loads on a new grip set up, so thank you!

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