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Sony F55 or Sony FS7 in 2019.

Harshad V. Gaikwad

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Hi All,

I’m about to shoot a fiction in upcoming days. And the camera options provide to me are Sony F55 or Sony FS7 M1.

We would we shooting prores due to budget constraints in post. Hence I needed your inputs on which one should I select. I understand that the Sony F55 has its advantages with global shutter and raw recording with R5 extension.  However as we would be primarily shooting prores, should I select F55 or FS7. 






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The F55 is better in every way. Colour, motion cadence (due to that lovely global shutter), evf, ergonomics. 

There’s a reason no one has shot $100+ million TV series on the FS7. The F55 has done a bunch of them. 

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