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How can I get the highest quality capture of MiniDV?

Jake Wolfert

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2 hours ago, Jake Wolfert said:

Currently I'm just using a firewire straight into my Canon XL1s. How can I get the best possible transfer? What do companies that provide this service use? Thank you.

I think with firewire, you are getting the best possible transfer.

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Having decades of experience behind the DV format, your best option will be firewire. If you want to increase the lifespan of your camera, get a Mini DV Deck with firewire to hook into your computer so you are not wearing on the heads in the camera anymore than you need to. 

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58 minutes ago, Jake Wolfert said:

Thanks Mike, big fan or your DV work on youtube. I appreciate your response.

Thank you for the kind words! Been going at this for two decades this month! Nice to hear my personal work is still doing some good with someone out there. 🙂

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Guest Nisar Bazmi

Windows Movie Maker. I remember extensively transferring data from my Sony Camcorder to my desktop PC, using firewire as well, just like you are doing. Hope you can see high detail in your transfer.

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Instead of merely a DV deck , consider getting an HDV deck .

It will still play existing DV and DVCAM tapes , but also gives you scope to upgrade to HDV later .

HDV camcorders are now quite affordable and allow you to shoot in high definition whilst maintaining backward compatibility with DV 

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