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Adapting M-Mount Glass to C-Mount

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This is a bit specific so I might not get a response, but has anyone ever adapted Leica m-mount lenses to a c-mount cine camera? There are adapters out there, and the flange distance appears to allow this to happen, but I’m still a little unsure as to if it’ll work perfectly. The fact that Leica lenses are built for cameras that don’t have a mirror, and I’m attempting to adapt it to a camera that has a mirror, seems backwards. Usually you can’t adapt mirrorless/rangefinder lenses to SLR lenses (while maintaining infinity focus). Additionally, I know m-mount lenses that are wider than 50mm perform poorly on mirrorless cameras like a Sony Alpha, but I think that’s a digital-only problem. 

For context, I have an Eclair ACL for which I have two Zeiss Superspeeds. I’m going to be purchasing a Leica 50mm soon for photography work (most likely the Summilux ASPH), and I would really like to use it on the 16mm cam as essentially a telephoto, close-up lens. 

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Hey, did either of you ever find an adapter online that would work? Have an ACL and looking to adapt M glass to it. I understand that many M lenses have parts that extend further back than the mount and this would cause a problem with a M to C adapter, but with only some lenses. I in fact found a CS to Leica M Mount as well as a C to Leica 39 but have yet to find a C Mount to Leica M Mount. Let me know if you have any leads. Thanks. 

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Most Leica M to c-mount adapter have a diameter of 58mm, which does not fit the ACL.

If you srew them in, they get in collision with the lower part of the camera front.

I'm selling a custom made adapter, which fits the ACL perfectly.

Note: The back lens may not extend the bayonet mount, no wide angle lenses....




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