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2 perf moviecam SL conversion possible?

Robin Phillips

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I think that it *should* be, if it's similar enough to the designs of other later Moviecams and the Arricams.  Finding an available 2-perf movement could be a challenge.  It'd probably be best to consult with an expert, such as Andree Martin of AM Camera:  https://www.amcamera.com/contact/  

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That movement is very expensive to convert, the cost would be several thousand dollars for the movement alone. I was quoted $5k for the job on a moviecam years ago and that was back the parts existed. Andree Martin is the only person who could do it these days, but the savings you make by shooting 2 perf isn't really made up by the exorbitant amount of money put into the movement. Now a 3 perf conversion, that's doable and Andree may have the parts still. 

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I have a Moviecam sl question regarding shooting in anamorphic 

When using the anamorphic syncobox i
if the viewfinder is de-squeezing the image when using an anamorphic lens?
Is the included viewfinder capable of de-squeezing the anamorphic image?

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