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Kinoptic Apochromat 35mm f2 vs. LOMO 35mm f2 (OKS-11)

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Hi everyone, 

I recently got my hands on an old Kinoptic Apochromat 35mm f2 in very good condition and I'm considering having it rehoused by P+S Technik in Germany. However, it would be quite an expensive investment, and I'm wondering how this lens holds up against a cine-modded, PL-Version LOMO Spheric 35mm f2 (the OKS-11 version to be specific). I'm comparing these two specifically because I'm looking for a vintage, compact 35mm lens, and these two were of particular interest to me. 

Curious to hear your thoughts and if anyone has experiences with them.


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Hi Alexander, I own an OKS-11-35-1. I don't know how "vintage" it is, I believe it's from the 1980s and it doesn't quite have the more petzval-like bokeh you might see in a Cine-Xenon (just saw one sell for $277 on eBay). The Cine-Xenon looks a bit like an S2/S3 to me.

Never used the Kinoptic.

The OCT-18 mount is more like an old Arri standard mount, and rotates within the mount. This can lead to the focus being a bit stiff unless properly rehoused. OCT-19 should be a better fit for converting to PL with a simple adapter. (I think.) Not sure about the mechanics on the Kinoptic.

Here's a little video I made comparing some vintage lenses:

I found the 35mm similarly sharp to the 28mm.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I actually made I mistake, I meant the OCT-19 version (which indeed is easier to convert to PL). Heard a lot of good things about that version. I also saw some nice footage shot on the Kinoptiks, so coming across one in really good condition I simply went for it, yet still exploring other options since it won't be for another couple of months until I'd actually get a rehousing done. 

The Schneider (Cine) Xenons would have been another choice, I just haven't found one in good condition (must have somehow missed the one you mentioned selling for $277).

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31 minutes ago, Alexander Boyd said:

I own it, but haven't been able to use it yet since it's still in the original Cameflex mount. 

Here's a piece that Zack Spiger (I think he's on here too) shot using Kinoptiks: https://www.vantagefilm.com/en/news/re-housed-kinoptik-glass-10507#gallery-5

Just beautiful. 

The Kinoptik reminds me more of the Schneider than of the Lomo. Looks better than both, but the talent involved and shooting 2-perf I'm sure helps, too. Definitely closer to the Schneider to my eye at least. More petzval-like bokeh. 

I'm ashamed to post my ten-minute lens test with the 35mm Lomo, but I found it online. I didn't even have access to a proper focusing adapter so I was just trying to get an idea of bokeh/flare/sharpness:


Literally just ten minutes and random objects to get a sense of the bokeh. But you can see it has quite a different character from Kinoptik. 

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