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Dehancer OFX film emulation plugin


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While Dehancer 5.1 failed to deliver on its promise of double the performance over version 5.0, Dehancer 5.2.0 brings it on with a new quality selector, allowing the user to choose between normal-fast/high-slow settings, each of which offers significant improvements in playback speed. On our 16″ 32 core M1 Max MacBook Pro (late 2021) with 4K 24p ProRes 4444 we measured real time playback speed in normal quality mode and 18.5 fps in high quality mode, either of which can be considered noteworthy upgrades over the painfully slow 14 fps of the previous update. Memory optimizations in Dehancer Pro version 5.2.0 also dramatically reduced memory pressure when rendering four stacked 4K 24p ProRes 4444 clips in DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.4.

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Hello guys,

We have made significant changes to the Film Grain tool:

  • The dependence of the optical resolution on the resolution of the timeline has been fixed. Now with a timeline size less than 4K the image no longer has a blurry look, and the maximum value of Film Resolution = 100 provides full detail of the source footage.
  • The distortion, which could slightly change the scale of the image and cause it to shift by a few pixels, has been fixed.
  • Added Negative / Positive processing mode switch.


An improved grain algorithm. The grain is more pronounced in the highlights and the image has a slightly higher microcontrast, which is more typical for negative films.


This old algorithm, slightly improved, reproduces a softer grain, which is less pronounced in the highlights and more typical for reversible positive films.

  • A new grain type and the corresponding Analogue / Digital mode switch has been added.


The ‘legacy’ type of grain. Requires more processing power.

Digital (Experimental):

Additional (new) type of high performance simplified grain. It can be useful for dithering tasks (for example, to eliminate the posterization of 8-bit videos from drones), as well as for low-resolution projects, rendering for Youtube, etc.

Compatibility of the plugin settings with different Dehancer OFX versions:

Starting from version 5.3, the default setting is Negative mode. To get the grain look as close as possible to older versions of the plugin (4.0 – 5.2), use Positive mode in combination with your existing grain settings.

This is a free update for the license owners.

Download and get 2-week FREE trial:



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