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WTB Eclair ACL (or other regular 16 cam)

Matt Altman

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Hi there, 

I'm wondering if anyone has heard of, or might have an Eclair ACL for sale. 

I'm looking for a regular 16 camera for my own practice (not DP work)-- and would be open to hearing of other cams people would consider selling that make great owner cameras.

I'm aware there are a lot of postings like this that do not pan out, so for what it's worth.. I'm seriously hoping to find something soon so I can shoot a project next month. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 




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Hi Cale, thank you very much for the response. Yes PL is really nice.. but as I mentioned I was hoping for something I could have my own lenses for on hand... to be able to shoot my own projects. I imagine this would add up. I'm not dying for it to be super and if I think about whether what you mentioned is worth it when the Bolex has a limited take length without a motor.. and an ACL has the bonus of being able to do sync sound if necessary.. well..

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