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It's 2021 and digital capture still looks like sh

Karim D. Ghantous

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12 hours ago, Mark Kenfield said:

Lovely frames Sat! I know everyone loves the grain of 500T these days, but it's the slower, fine-grained stocks that have always held a special place in my heart. Vision 3 50D is just so pretty.

Cheers Mark!

I agree, 50D is great in all the versions I’ve tried. Still got a few rolls of Fuji 64D in my freezer. 200T is great too. 

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On 2/27/2021 at 10:24 AM, aapo lettinen said:

if all the new digital movies look like crap then people should only watch the old movies shot before 2002 or so and completely ignore any newer stuff just because it is shot digitally?

Nowadays I feel that most of the film vs digital arguments are about pure nostalgics vs. practicality and not about the aesthetics or "image quality" (which are just used as excuses to justify the different opinions).

the other thing is that people who have no possibility to shoot their own projects on film (or who THINK they don't have that possibility) are claiming that everyone else should make the same choices they would like to do (to always shoot film whether it is practical for the project or not) and then making up all kind of excuses why film is the only right choice for all the projects out there

this is not exactly the case, some( including me) does think the new digital movies look like crap, but (other people, not me) still throw themselves after it, solely because of the over towering market job they did. I mean many award nominated movies today are politically motivated, with flimsy stories and subpar dialogues, yet makes millions. Think about how our perception got played with. 

I also think the design of cars compared to old classic cars is simmilar, yet for the same economical reasons, older(sometimes better, not always) designs are discarded solely for economic reasons.

Another analogy, the iPhone 5, or Mac OS X (snow leopard, or Windows XP for example. Can you imagine the efficiency and ergonomics of combing these efficient systems with the lightning processors we have today.... I mean it will out-run a space rocket. But no, they won't let you.....


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