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'China Doll'...a short documentary on Chinese made sex dolls on the internet

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Some of the backstory...

I happened across this company's site by chance a couple days ago. I had saved one of their sex doll modeling demo videos a long time ago for a project I was doing called 'With Due Respect Beloved One' about a crack whore that morphed into another project.  That was years ago. It was in a 60GB pile of stuff that needs filing / trashing. So I looked up the company and was amazed at the variety of silicone sex dolls they made.

I started to screen shoot the site to get a representational sampling of their work. To shoot every nook and cranny of the site would be many thousand of photos. In any case I shot 410 screen photos within 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Somewhere during the screen shooting marathon it hit me to make a movie of the material. Within 2-1/2 hours more I had a finished version 1 of China Doll sans sound. 

Film is probably a Nc-17 - so prudish people...do not view.



The sound was the tough part. I was planning on taking commercial CD's of Oriental (or is it Asian?) music and mixing it all up. But it just did not mix right. Years ago I had found a scoped aircheck of 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' on an old reel to reel tape. That fit the movie perfectly. I had also looked at a song by the all girl band The Slits and one by Lesley Gore, but nothing fit as good. 

View promptly if interested. The I.A. gives me much trouble with my work. 

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