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1000fps and phase

Adrian Sierkowski

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Hey all. I haven't been on a phantom in a long time but I may have a gig with one upcoming. 

That said I'm a little concerned with phase and flicker. I'm planning on 10ks and skypanel 360s in high speed mode.  In that case do I need to worry about running them on 3 phase? 

Will the decay time on the 10ks filament save me the headache?

Any gotchas with the 360s --aside from no dimming in high speed mode?

We are going up to 1000fps but could probably get away with slightly lower if there's a way to save worry.


Thanks and hope all is well with all.

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The lack of dimming is the only limitation to consider when using the S360s in high-speed mode. If you don't need the full beam spread, it might also be a good opportunity to use an intensifier on that head, I'm surprised they're not used more.

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hey Adrian,

This is what I got from my guru:


High Speed Mode The High Speed mode generates flicker-free light for High Speed shootings. High Speed Mode has been tested up to 25.000 fps and down to 2° shutter angle with no flicker or roll bars. The intensity is fixed in High Speed mode. The only settings are 0% (black out) or 100% (full intensity). In High Speed mode the settings for low end mode, tungsten mode, effects and PWM frequencies are ignored.The operation modes CCT, HSI and GEL are available in High Speed Mode. When modifying a parameter the SkyPanel performs a short black-out when applying the new value. The operation modes SOURCE and RGBW are not available in High Speed Mode. To set a special control mode 1.Press the MENU button (10) to open the fixture menu. 2.Turn I/S, until „Light Control“ is selected. Press I/S to open the menu. 3.Turn I/S, until „Special Modes“ is selected. Press I/S to open the menu. 4.Select the special mode by turning I/S. Press I/S to confirm the setting. 5. Press MENU to close the menu. 


My dude,

I think you really have to let your customer decide.  My gut reaction is that the 360 is going to be way more stable than an HMI with a High Speed ballast as there is no arc dancing.  If the customer doesn’t follow Arri’s directions to use High Speed mode… who knows.


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