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WTB Eclair ACL

Raheem Stanley

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In my opinion all ACLs currently available on Ebay are overpriced - that particular linked one is an ACL 1 with only single speed, weaker motor and a viewfinder that doesn't keep the image in correct position when rotated - not to mention that there is only one magazine, which is for 200ft loads (the motor it has can't even pull 400ft loads).

Just last autumn a S16 modified and serviced ACL with accessories was sold on Ebay for less.

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Just now, Raheem Stanley said:

I agree! I saw one for $4,600, which is ridiculous, which is why I wanted to ask on here. 

Not to mention that the seller with three camera listings with different prices either just hasn't taken photos of all three cameras or has duplicate listings with different prices - which easily fools people about the correct price range. The camera in all three listings has the same serial number (524) and some strange DIY-cable (for the power switch?).

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