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Super 16 - Cine Kowa Lenses

Oliver wilkins

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Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of excellent and rather rare Super 16 Cine Kowa lenses that are looking for a new home. A few marks on the housing but generally in good condition.

1x 16mm T 1.25 (Arri Bayonet)

1x 9mm T 1.35 (Arri Bayonet)

1 x adaptor (Arri bayonet to Aaton mount)

Not really sure of the value,  there do seem to be various adaptors (MTF / Fotodiox) available. I think they do offer coverage for micro four thirds - Can anyone confirm that?

Open to offers. I'm based in London (SE22).




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9mm does not cover super16, made for regular 16mm...can apparently be modified to just cover super16 though, by trimming the retaining ring on the front optic in the proper spots to expand coverage on the corners.

The 16mm definitely covers super16 from what I remember, not so sure about micro4/3...if I had to guess I'd say no.

I *think* the only one in this series that covers m4/3 is the 25mm.

They are beautiful looking pieces of glass though, for sure...looks like yours are in pretty good shape, and nice that they aren't in the funky proprietary CinemaProducts/"mini-BNCR" mount.

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Many thanks for the information James,

I've just put them on the LTR to try to check coverage and seems you are right. The 9mm does vignette. I am now looking for a tiny allen key to try to remove the front ring to see if that makes a difference...

Attached iPhone photos although can't quite get the right angle with the phone.






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removing the front ring won't make any difference, you have to cut out the "corners" of the inner ring holding the front lens. Im about to do this myself on my kowa and CP 9mm lenses...good luck

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5 minutes ago, D John Carroll said:

Oh yes. Can you send me some picks 

The lens is in storage, but I will get it out tomorrow and send you some images.

Optics are mint. Focus smooth. One tiny point of roughness on the aperture ring close to wide-open, but otherwise in excellent condition.

Has original metal CP front screw-on cap and generic Arri-B slip on rear cap.

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