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Hi everyone!

I was enquired today to possibly shoot a commercial for both the UK and the US market.

I wonder what is the latest and best workfloor to output both in NTSC and PAL.

Would it be best to shoot PAL - here in the UK - and then later just convert the finished piece or have an external recorder, recording in NTSC while the camera records PAL?

I wonder for the latest method if it'd be problematic to match the colour grading as the files might be different. Unless using two external recorders based on the same type of file?

Has anyone gone through this recently or in the last couple of years?



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You convert the frame rate in post production, after the commercial has been edited. In Europe shooting at 25 fps would be the usual method since you're covering both areas and it minimizes  flicker issues with lights etc.

Flagship European TV productions are shot at 25fps and sold to the American market all the time.

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Flickering absolutely can be a problem regardless of frame rate or locale. Many modern lighting systems use power supplies operating at fairly arbitrary rates, and even when that's a multiple of the local mains frequency it can create segmented motion blur and other issues. Making adjustments to shutter timing on the camera may not fix the problem, or at least not for long periods, and potentially not for all the light sources which are in shot simultaneously.

There's a lot of received wisdom out there about this topic, much of which was outdated after the wide adoption of electronic ballasts for fluorescent and metal halide lighting, and which is even more outdated in the modern world of LED domestic lighting.

In short, test like hell 

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