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led fresnel purchase assistance

Jason McAdam

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Hey everyone!

I'm looking for recommendations on led fresnel lights. I'd also like the ability to use gels with them. I'm a still photographer that uses strobes. I use to primarily shoot in studio, and recently I've switched genres to focus on creative story telling & Environmental type portraits. The reason I want to add led fresnel lights is so I can see what I am creating versus having to test my strobes each and every time. I want to incorporate using haze to create light rays or to add a little bit of depth to an image. I will be working inside only with the lights, so I won't need to be battling the sun power wise. I have my strobes for that. Eventually I will be wanting to jump into the video side of things. 

I've looked at the new Arri c series. The recommendation I have received was to look for light output around 650-2k wattage wise. That seems a bit excessive from my robust knowledge with strobes. I'm not sure how the power translates from tungesteon to led. Ikan seems affordable, but I'm unsure of the quality. I don't want to buy cheap only to buy twice.

I did search for similar topics and wasn't able to find anything similar.

Thank you 

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Any LED or other Continuous light will let you see what you are creating, you don't need a fresnel for that.  

Are you okay with long shutter speeds? You won't get nearly the power you are used to with strobes out of most LEDs

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Jason send me an e-mail. My world is strobes too.

I can send photos.
I did a quick test comparing the 2k Tungsten Fresnel and the Aputure 600d.

600d LED:                   No Diffusion 10’   160 ISO    1/350 at 2.8/9
2k Tungsten Fresnel : No Diffusion 10’   160 ISO    1/350 at 2.8/6
600d LED:                   6x poly silk @5’   160 ISO    1/350 at 2.8/1
2k Tungsten Fresnel : 6x ploy silk @5'   160 ISO    1/350 at 2.8/6

We have the Aputure 600d and it is about the same as a 2k Tungsten fresnel.


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If you plan to utilize gels often, specifically for intense cct changes or color effects, you have to consider the color accuracy issues with gelling LEDs. It’s not like gelling tungsten. Slight alterations from the led base color are more widely accepted.

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