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Developing ECP-2B film in C-41

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deep in the Kodak web site are the current processing manuals. 


which will expain all the various versions of the Kodak Prcesses.

which may or may not help you to understand what happens in teh lab.  If Robert says he made it work, I would belive him.

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3 hours ago, Pablo Cruz Villalba said:

Thanks Robert. I'm shooting a Fuji Positive print stock roll tomorrow and I hope I can develop this week or next week.

Process chemistry ECN-2 and ECP are the same stop fix and bleach only the developer chemistry is different, ECP works it just requires different printer light trims when making a print. I would guess that C41 might need more development time and ECN2 for running ECP but that is just a guess.

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Essentially ECP is CN stock as well. Yes, you will get a negative. Give it a stop of push. The only real difference between ECN-2 and ECP 2E is the developer activity (simplified) which is a lot higher (using CD2) than that of ECN-2 to yield high DMax in ECP film. 

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