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dupixent commercials

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the above link is the Dupixent commercial.  I have a lot of free time, being retired.  The commercial appears to be one continuous shot.  I may be imagining the following: At nine seconds, there is a lens flare, I think this is the first cut or splice (transition?), at 13 seconds a woman passes in front of the main character (second cut?).  At 19 seconds a tree seems to be a transition, at 23 seconds another tree (transition) and at 35 seconds a person passing in front of the main actor.  I am wondering if this Commercial is really one continuous scene, or for some reason, it is several transitions. 

Michael Leake

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It looks like they are doing some composition and fx work to hide transitions where you noticed.

They did a good job though.

To get all of that done in one take with that the dynamic camera movements, blocked action, not to mention working out the lighting because its essentially a 360 shot would be tremendously difficult.

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I worked on this one as a lamp op.

It was broken down into bite size pieces and shot over a couple days, if you look really closely you can notice the change of sun angles between the elements. They stitched it back together mainly using physical wipes in frame- extra crosses, lamp posts, trees etc as cutting points. 

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