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Cinema Products documentation scans

Duncan Brown

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I've posted scanned docs for other brands of cameras on their forums, but now I have some CP stuff.  

The first one is titled  "Technical Manual CP-16R and CP-16R/A Sound Cameras - Servicing and Maintenance Procedures, Replacement Parts Lists, Illustrated Assembly Drawings"  and is dated July 22, 1974 and September 18, 1975.  This should be pretty exciting reading for CP-16R fans (though frankly about 30 years too late...)


The second one is titled "GSMO 16mm Camera System Operators Manual" and is dated November 1980. If there weren't already too many people out there searching for the too few GSMOs in existence, this will probably send that over the edge.


I always scan at 600dpi so you can zoom in endlessly and see the fine details of illustrations, schematics, etc.  But it makes for big downloads.  If you're content with less resolution just to peruse them I usually make 100dpi versions too.  They are here:






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