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Arri 416 Package Possibly For Sale

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I've heard 416 prices have risen a bit, and I'm contemplating selling my 416. Here are the vitals:

* Camera was owned by a Dusseldorf, Germany DP. He had a 416 plus (my camera) and 416 plus HS. He treated both with extreme care and neither were rented. This film shows the delivery of the camera to me, at the Dusseldorf Sheraton Hotel. It runs perfectly.


* Three OBB2 are included. One was purchased new  from Arri in about 2017, when they flushed the last of their analog inventory from Munich. The other two were re-celled, one by me and one by Ritter. All three of them are checked monthly and charged when they get to the second yellow from the bottom. This means they'll take a full charge and run as if new/close to new. Batteries which are mismanaged are garbage and are close to worthless.

* Five 400' mags are included. Two were used and included with the camera. They're in great shape and they work perfectly. Three were purchased new or demo from Arri Burbank when they flushed their analog inventory in about 2014. I've probably only shot 12,000' with the 416, so that means maybe 6 rolls max through each of the three new/demo mags. 

* A Pelican configured for perfectly safe transport of four mags is included.

* Gigantic Pelican/liferaft/motorcycle trailer (I'm just saying it's a huge Pelican) holds the camera in ready-to-shoot configuration. I put it in the back of my Prius, drive down the road, stop, whip the camera out, shoot, put camera back in Pelican and race down the road for the next shot.

* It's got a body cap, antenna, shutter tool, and the stuff you'd expect.

* I may or may not include balance plate and base/rods.

* It's got a video tap, of course, SD of course.

* I could include a 3.5" Arri monitor and cable. It's so small that it's borderline useless, if you want my honest opinion.

* A 400' roll of Ektachrome 7285 is included, stored at -10F or -15F since new in 2013 (I can't remember which freezer it's in).

In order to be interested in selling my baby, I'd need close to $100k. If anyone is interested in a great camera at not so much of a discount price, let me know. I'm not interested in any trades (well other than for a set of mint Master Primes or maybe a big set of mint Ultra Primes).


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Package may include four mags rather than five. A magazine box that I thought contained a 416 mag actually contained a 235 shoulder mag. I'll post the package on my website and put a link here soon.

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Dear Toeppen, 

We really would like to buy this set, it looks it is in good condition. But it's way over price for us, we wonder if you could cut down to 3 magazines, my brother lives in Boston, and he could drive over to pick it up from you. Also you can reach me at alexsunproducer@qq.com, I am traveling in Asia right now, I check this site and email daily, hope we can make a deal.

God bless.



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2 hours ago, Norman Gregory said:

Hi - do you still have this camera available for sale 

Many thanks 

The camera was sold, but the Chinese buyer is now spewing excuses. The first party to show up with $95k payment in hand gets the kit.

Thanks for inquiring.

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Package Update:

1) Includes five 400' mags. Final answer, Regis.

2) Includes ~3" Arri monitor + Arri cable to connect monitor to IVS - this is the only cable required, as it carries both video and power signal.

Price is $95k. I will provide a round-trip domestic AA ticket to CMI to pick it up, or you can pay me $150 (paid in advance) and I'll bring it to the nearest AA airport in lower 48 and meet you. 


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