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Arri announces new super 35 camera

Brian Drysdale

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You can register for the announcement of a new Arri Super 35 camera on 31st May at a virtual event.


I gather from leaks that it has:

17 stops of Dynamic range(2.5 more stops than current models), 6.075 um photo-sites
4.6k open gate (28mm x 19.20mm) 4608x3164 75 fps max arriraw



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I guess the question becomes - as far as I’m aware the easiest thing to scale in a 3T/5T APS Photosite is the photodiode itself. Metal wiring/channels could theoretically get smaller with a smaller voltage but, it’s a constant. Which is why past a threshold a smaller photosite drastically impacts the diode and therefore the total sensitivity of the camera. 


who knows 

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Posted (edited)

I really like what they did, I'm so happy it's 4.6k and not JUST 4k. It gives ya a little bit of wiggle room for stabilizing and re-framing without losing too much. Where I'd prefer it to be a 6k camera, I don't think that's in the cards with the current pixel density they're going after, which is critical to retain in order to keep high dynamic range. The camera does have a lot of nice features like, 17 stops of dynamic range, clean signal up to 6400 ISO, 4 position built-in ND filter, updated fixed OLPF and IR filter, 120fps @ 4096x2304 (impressive), different post workflow for better debayer, full 12G support on the video output and built-in stereo mic's. The size is larger than the "mini" by quite a bit, is over 6lb and it also GOBBLES power at a maximum of 90W, but over-all I do think it's a pretty big upgrade. 

Downside is the memory. It's unfortunately stuck to proprietary media, which is of course exorbitantly expensive. But if you're blowing the kind of money that this thing will cost, what's another 10k? 

The pricing is rumored to be $70k without any accessories. Obviously some accessories from older kits will fit, but things like the dovetail and handle will be different. 

I wish I had the money, I think it will be a great rental camera. 

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