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What are your thoughts on the sumolight sumolaser?

Edith blazek

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Hello, so hearing about the new sumolight sumolaser, I want to know everyone's thoughts on it. It was announced at cinegear recently and so far from the specs, it sounds WAY too good to be true. Like they put this as being equivalent to an 18k hmi, which after hearing it has a 2.6 degree beam angle while the arrimax 18k in it's spot mode has a 10 degree beam angle, I was skeptical it could actually be useful. So I decided to do some rudimentary calculations that sort of follow the inverse square law of every doubled distance getting a quarter of the output, but instead of distance it's for beam angle (this is just my attempt to coincide the inverse square law with beam angle as originally it would imply an omnidirectional light, but I tested using varying beam angles on the Arri photometrics calculator comparing the arrimax 18k in it's spot and flood modes and this seems to work out but I realize this doesn't account for falloff of a light so if I'm wrong and it doesn't work like that or if I did the math wrong let me know ) so with this, I had the sumolaser with a 2.6 degree beam angle and the 18k with a 10 degree beam angle, doing division I have a beam that is 3.8461538461538x narrower than the other, divide that by .25 (for every distance doubling, you get a quarter intensity at least if my idea that inverse square law also applies to beam angle) you'd get 15.384615384615th of your original output if you wanted to compare these lights beam to beam, so that leaves us with 9750 lux at 100m if this light had the same beam angle as the arrimax 18k, which comparing that to the arrimax 18k, that gets us 2140 lux, if I did my math correctly, if this light had the same beam angle, the sumolaser should still be 4 times as bright, while being dimmable, less than a 10th the weight, less than a 100th the wattage, and if they stick to it, less than a 10th the price, the only thing I can hope for is that the quality of the light is any good, let me know your thoughts.

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I don't think you can compare an 18K and a 175W Laser light in any way. I'd compare it more to a Leko as thats the intended use (focused light). 

Interestingly the unit does not seem that bright at 100% in a fairly dim scenario (Cinegear). And keep in mind once you bounce the light into a CRLS 2 or 3 (to really get the spread) you will lose most of your punch.

Very curious to test the light in person but I'd keep expectations in check. This wont replace a 18K, M90, M40 or even M18. 



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39 minutes ago, Matthew Parnell said:

It’s interesting, as much as this would be a perfect source for lighting with the CRLS/K-fleck/etc reflectors, I’m not entirely sure how the color science of white lasers stands up to modern expectations. 

Depends how it's been done. Mixing coloured lasers might not be great. Using a blue laser to drive phosphor might be better, but the output wouldn't be a laser anymore (though that's probably fine. You probably don't want laser output as it may speckle unless there are lots of emitters.)

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