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Splicing super8 - small strip of light

Luuk Schröder

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I just started splicing and editing some of my films with a CIR splicer I bought (it's the 'de luxe new matrix' one: https://van-eck.net/en/product/cir_8mm_splicer_-_super8-single8_-2/).
With each splice I can see a tiny light strip in the film editor, as two film ends just don't seem to touch. It also happens when I attempt to push the films slightly closer to each other before using the tape.

Somehow I do not remember this happened with other splicers... is this normal?

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You can usually rack the flash out on a projector, but unfortunately it's inherent on the Super-8 CIR. Mine has it too and it's always been a bit annoying. I always assumed it was due to innacuracy in manufacture, but hearing that you have it as well, perhaps it's intended as it's preferable to having the ends overlap.

If you do manage to get the ends closer together , the splice may jump on projection anyway because you've effectively shortened the perforation pitch. It will show on a scan because they're usually overscanned to include framelines and perfs, but you can persumably crop it in post. It's not much different from TV safe action and safe title (look them up)- you never put important action close to the edges of the frame.

Some of the 16mm. splicers have an adjustable pin to eliminate the flash- it's meant for shrunken film- but it was never an option in S8.

Incidentally mine cost the equivalent of about €10 in 1978- they sure got expensive!

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Hi Mark, I see, then it's the splicer, not myself. If it works in the projector I don't mind. Also, I often make scans before editing, so it hasn't been a problem yet. But interesting to think of it in relation to the safe action and safe title standards.


I'll have a go on the cement splicer as well, and see how that works for me.

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