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One Side of Frame is Soft

Ben Klopfenstein

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Just go my first rolls of Super 8 back and noticed some issues. Hoping someone might know how to solve this. I’m using an AGFA MoveXoom 10, Kodak Vision 3 film.

Everything looks sharp through the viewfinder, but the right edge of frame appears soft, regardless of focal length and aperture (though it is more noticeable wide open). Looking at the lines between frames at the top and bottom, I believe that the film is not seating evenly across the gate, but pulling away on the side opposite the sprocket.

My guess is the cartridge isn’t being held in place tight enough. Thoughts?

1 - 50D - bad - the bushes in front of the house are close to the same plane as the garage door and should be more in focus


2 - 50 D - better - still noticeable if you look at the black line at the top and bottom of frame


3 - 200T - best - still a bit softer on the right, but much sharper around the edges of the frame



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I agree with your diagnosis- the rebate isn't sharp all round, which means that the film isn't sitting flat in the gate. Again, as you say, since it's happened with two different stocks, it's unlikely to be a problem with the cartridges.

Is this the first time you've used the camera? If not, what have you done! If it is, you need to have a look inside. It's the edge of the film away from the sprockets, nearest the back of the film chamber, that's not in the correct position. Maybe there's some obstruction, or a chip of film or dirt on the gate or runners.

Your "best" image is with a different cartridge, so maybe the fault went away for that one.

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I had a similar issue once with another S8 camera, and found later I hadn't pressed in the cartridge properly.  Yet the film was being transported OK so I didn't realise.  But maybe in your case as Mark says,  there could be something preventing it seating  perfectly.

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Thanks for the replies!

This is my first time using this camera, and everything seems fine inside. The gate is tight, clean, seems flat and doesn’t look like it’s been tampered with.

And the problem is worse or better from shot to shot, without removing the cartridge between takes or anything.

I might try to wedge something in at the rear of the cartridge to see if that helps hold it in place properly.

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