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An 8mm film I made that might be of interest to users on this forum

Erren Franklin

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I've had a lot of help on this forum, so I thought I'd share a film here that I made.

I shot this film primarily on regular -8, but there are short sequences on super -8.

Regular -8 cameras used - Beaulieu MR8, Leicina 8V, Canon Cine Zoom 512, Bolex REX4, and Agfa Movex Super. Super-8 cameras used - Zeiss Moviflex GS8 and Nikon R10.

Reg-8 film stocks used - 50D color neg and 100D Ektachrome reversal from John Schwind, 250D color neg from Mutascan, 500T color neg from FPP. Super-8 film stocks - Kodak Ekta 100D and 500T color neg.

All visual effects were achieved through matting and shooting through color filters and prisms.

Hope you like it!

A Rainbow in Curved Air


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