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Are all Arriflex standard mount lenses compatible between 16mm and 35mm

Stéphane Mandelkern

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I remember having read on this forum that all Arri standard mount lenses could be not compatible between Arriflex 16S and Arriflex 35 2C.

If I buy an arri standard mount lens, am I sure that it will fit on my Arriflex 16S ?

Could I have a problem with the distance between the rear part of the lens and the position of the mirror ?

Thank you for your information



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You're generally safe putting 35mm lenses on your 16mm camera.  It's the reverse that can be a problem.

16mm lenses, especially the wider focal lengths, protrude too far and will hit the mirror on a 35mm camera, like the 2C

That's been my experience. 

Are you searching for certain focal lengths?

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