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  1. Its funny, but I couldn't disagree more. I thought these all looked great but I can think of a few I might have nominated as well. I would like to see Hurtlocker get some recognition. Ive been a fan of Mauro Fiores for a long time though, I wouldn't be surprised if Avatar won.
  2. And more recently on another rock clip using dv cameras in a massive arc. I suspect that a lot of this was done in a similar way. Good ad, shows how vague polaroid became as a company towards the end.
  3. Hey Brian, You could put a similar system together yourself for a lot less money but if you want the support from HP or another big OEM then its the best way to go. I'm not all that familiar with HP systems but just for reference I upgraded from an older system I ran CS1 on 3 months ago and I got. i7 920 1156 socket Asus Motherboard 12gb ddr3 2 X 1tb 2 X 160 system drives and a middling Nvidia card I also got the full CS4 suite. As far as Ram goes Premiere isn't going to use 12gbs, barely uses four still even on a 64bit system (64bit Mac support is still iffy in general). I know AE can use more and it still runs in 32bit only PS has moved to any real 64bit support but I haven't really looked at that yet as all I ever use it for is light image editing to pull back into Premiere or AE. One of the benefits of 12gb of ram is that CS4 can render externally now so you can continue to work and render at the same time and I sometimes have 3-4 operations happening at the same time. Ive seen it top out over six but if I was doing a big AE render (which I very seldom do) it has support for 1.5gb of ram per thread. The processors you've mentioned would have four cores and eight threads so in theory it could be useful but tough to reach otherwise. DDR3 is also pretty cheap so I'm not sure 4gbs is worth it in a system that's costing 2k. I would take a hit on the processor and save yourself $500 and move down to something like the i7 940 with all the HDs and accessories you need. The price premium on some CPUs is 3X with only a marginal difference in performance. I don't know what HP options there are for this type of thing. I would have a hard time swallowing the price tag on the Quadro as well but it offers features you wont get on any consumer GPU yet but don't expect it to have any real boost to CS4 as the GPU assisted stuff is incredibly specific. I remember reading that Mac dominate the $2000 and up PC market and now that you can run bootcamp it can be your MS box as well. If you want a PC for about two grand I wouldn't invest as much in the CPU or videocard (but obviously you know your needs better than I do) but instead put it towards some HDs and a new monitor. I wouldn't go with a pre-built OEM system either but that's me. Either way any of the systems mentioned should work with DVCpro HD just fine. Oh, if you are thinking about less RAM now to be upgraded later try and go with a DDR3 system as it'll be much easier to source in two years than the DDR2 which is on its way out. The only other thing Id suggest is to wait till February when the new Intel chips come out which might shake the prices up a bit but something new and shiny is always around the corner. My longest post ever, I cant believe it was about this. How depressing...
  4. Great list, so glad to see style discussed on this forum again. A few films that come up for me a lot and I thought I'd mention. In the cut Amores Perros Hero Requim for a Dream The Royal Tennenbaums Dumplings Traffic Songs from the second floor Kingdom of Heaven Zodiac 2000 was a bumper year I thought. There's so many that we'll still be watching for decades to come. Its incredible how much more episodic television people I work with are watching now. In 2000 episodic drama was being choked to death by first generation Reality TV shows. Editing has changed more than anything else in the last ten years I think. What was considered quick cut ten years ago would seem medium pace these days. Love to see more European films mentioned. "Le fils" maybe?
  5. I'm not sure how accurate or relevant this is but I think Coutard played the role of the pimp in a scene which would eventually be cut out of "Il Conformisto". Also irrelevant, but interesting, the phone number for the professor in Paris was actually Truffaut's Paris phone number. I enjoy the films he made a great deal.
  6. At 5.6 you're close to a stop where you might aswell shoot wide open without the adapter. Its not until you shoot open 2.8 that it starts to pay for itself (the adapter)...
  7. Shot with them a month ago and noticed the same problem! Only a line or two difference but its still different...
  8. One of my favorite expressions. I always thought it was TANSTAAFL, There Ain't no such thing... I don't know if he invented it but I remember it being a phrase from Robert Hienlein's books.
  9. I don't know about anyone else but EVFs wear my eye out very quickly, in particular the RED EVF makes me snowblind. Lots of advantages but I don't find them comfortable. Am I alone in that I'll still put my hand over the VF when I lift my eye away? What I'd like to see is an Optical finder with a digital overlay of scopes/histograms etc. that can be turned on and off. Something similar to Arri glow. I would miss expanded focus check though...
  10. Don't the MK3s have the neon yellow lens markings as opposed to white? I thought that was one difference. Ive been shooting with mixed sets of superspeeds and ultras to fill out the range at either end and I can see a big difference especially when intercut. That's through light promists and soft fxs as well. Even at 2.8 the contrast snaps much better on Ultras and the 14mm is much sharper than the 18mm SS. Not that there's anything wrong with Superspeeds. Hey, If they were good enough for Kubrick...
  11. I played with it at Panavision last year. As far as I could tell it doesn't change the plane of focus like shift and tilts or the lensbaby will, It looks more like an out of focus effect passing through a filter. It is extremely cool looking and quite large. Very modifiable as well, flexible. Great reference video, I'm not sure it will be able to completely replicate the look but I only played with it in the shop. Best of luck.
  12. A. Whitehouse

    New Arri HD camera?

    Ughh, so much for ergonomics. I wonder how it offers both optical and EVF capabilities? Shutter? Price looks about right though, great rental prospects but it looks painful on the shoulder. Exciting stuff though...
  13. I regularly use 4X4s, far from obsolete. 35, RED, whatever... I don't know why you would think they were obsolete. Great investment as they last forever and don't depreciate too much I wouldn't think.
  14. Ive rigged big sets of fluoro battens to dimmers (like 20 battens at a time) and dimming them produces a very distinct flicker but forget recording sound and I dont imagine its good for the battens but it works and you can control the speed of the flicker somewhat by controlling the dim amount. Ive also put dodgy starters in ( a starter the gaffer had which he knew was broken) and that works great too. I know he has a few in the truck maybe your gaffer does too?
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