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  1. Though I agree that there are too many nonsensical distinctions between those that shoot video and film. I do believe that film gives me more artistic creativity. Not saying that I would never shoot digital but I'd be very selective of the type of project. I'm not saying video can't create art, film is just my preference, like oil paint as opposed to acrylic
  2. I seriously doubt that. While digital is making advancements, the same could be said for film stocks.
  3. Daniel Nemchek

    Help me pic a cam

    I've seen quite a few CP-16R's go for under 2k (a few under 1k) on ebay; and Bogen 3066/3068 tripods can be had for under 200 in some cases. It's not the hardest thing to use on your shoulder, but after about 10 minutes it can really dig into you, unless you make a shoulder pad like I did.
  4. I whole heartedly agree. On a forum where you represent the work you've done and offer technical advice, it should be real name or nothing. I for one never introduce myself as 'Space man zorg' when I'm discussing my projects
  5. A CP-16a (purchased earlier this year) and Krasnogorsk-3 (owned it about 2 years) and I love them both to death, granted they both have short comings but I've never run into any serious problems while shooting. Thinking about adding an eclair to the mix, as well as a konvas 2m for small 35mm projects.
  6. I believe the first two seasons of Buffy the Vampire slayer were 16mm
  7. I don't know about that, they've yet to find Noah's Ark (or a plausible explanation of why it's nowhere to be found), minus the lack of evidence for a global flood. Not to mention Jesus has yet to come back, but then again I bet he's been very busy the last 2000 years
  8. It all depends on why its cut in the first place, generally if it's not good enough to be in the film you should save the space for the ones that were.
  9. Which one is better, I'm looking for something good and cheap (like adobe), but if fcp is REALLY that much better I'd shell out the extra cash. Looking to do some green screening, and other minor special effects. Keep in mind, I'd like to use it on a laptop (mac)
  10. looking for quotes on a good place to convert my k-3 to s16 and maybe a crystal sync motor
  11. I almost fell for one of those camera packages, but luckily he knew nothing about cameras and insisted on using a phony escrow site (euroagree.com), there are quite a few of these scam auctions up right now, they all have a fake "buy it now" option available only through e-mail (salelots@msn.com same e-mail for several different accounts with same exact auctions) and requires western union which is pretty much unrecoverable
  12. I am doing a 16mm film with a running time of about an hour, and I'm looking for an extra camera so that my k-3 can just be a b-camera instead of the main focus. I would prefer plain old 16mm (dont think i've ever seen actual s16 footage) since my k-3 isn't, but if I could get a reliable s16mm for not so much more I would. Right now the best cameras I can find are the Eclair NPR (pretty much perfect budget wise) and Aaton LTR (stretching my budget a little far for something I can't find any samples of). Any input would be very much appreciated
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