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  1. Hi all, I'm looking at vertical vibration isolators (arms), and might be in the market for one. Does anyone have any experience with the ISO V8 from Griptech? Or does anyone own any Griptech gear? Just looking for reviews... Thanks!
  2. Aside from all the questionable opinions offered by Andrew, there is one part that is actually false. Fisher dollies (and others) are used on standard 24.5" track made by several companies such as FilmAir or Matthews. They may be used with sled/u-channel wheels or tracking wheels from Fisher (code TTW).
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know anything about this company? Anyone had any dealings with them or buy anything from them? Any reviews or experiences at all? Are they legit and reputable? Or stay away? http://www.futurestudioequipment.com/
  4. Four hours on the clock (half day) minimum unless the travel actually takes longer, then on the clock for whatever it is.
  5. Try FXWest's wildcat system out of Denver. 303.922.2202. They also do spydercam. There's also the trussdolly (or the smaller twindolly) from SGS (www.solidgripsystems.eu). I also concur doggicam can get this done.
  6. I'm not really sure how it works, that's why I was asking. I guess the reasoning would be something along the lines of, it's money that, at the end of the year, is yours, but is specifically allocated to business meals. Honestly, I'm not sure. If anyone is a CPA, or has one who is good with entertainment/crew type people, maybe they can weigh in on this...? No.
  7. Hi all, My question applies to those union members working in NYS. When doing your taxes, do you deduct meal penalties? I heard (from several people) that they do this and that it's a valid deduction. Any insights much appreciated.
  8. If all goes according to plan, I'll be using one of these on a show I'm starting in a few weeks. I'll let you know if you remind me.
  9. Hello, Looking for ideas on how to repair damaged aluminum precision track (ie, FilmAir). Not talking about the cross-braces, buckles, etc. -- talking about the actual rails. Small nicks/scratches can be ok, but anyone have any methods/ideas on how to get rid of, fill in, or smooth out larger gouges or dents in the anodized coating? Looking for local (NYC-based) or personal solutions, not sending back to manufacturer. Thanks.
  10. TobiasDeml- Thank you for the suggestion, but I will be using a monitor. Sean Elder- Anything in particular? I'm looking for something significantly sub-1K.
  11. What about if I took away the requirement of the 4-pin XLR power?
  12. Hello, I am not a company/LLC, but I'd like to rent out a lighting console that I own. What would be the best method/venue to do this by? Of course, word of mouth is an option that I pursue, but does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks :)
  13. Forgot to mention: Although I think it's pretty much standard, something that can take 4-pin XLR power, and has a mounted battery option (Anton Bauer) would be preferable.
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a recommendation for what the cheapest HD monitor would be. Something small (think onboard, roughly 5-7 inches). Doesn't need to be any kind of amazing quality, just something to see an image. Price is probably the most important factor. Thanks!
  15. And this is in the Gripping section, why?
  16. Hello everyone, For some reason I have an eyebrow/french flag that I would like to sell. However, I'd like to know what exactly I have before I do, so I can give an accurate description of it. Unfortunately, the item has no markings on it. All I know is that it is black, metal, 4x3/4x4, and came from an ENG/digibeta style setup. Is there a way to determine the manufacturer or anything?
  17. Unless the crane is some home-made piece of junk, the only thing that would drop the camera is you, not the gear.
  18. Do all of them. It will take a while. Especially since it's pretty obvious that you don't really know what you want to do (be a director or a DP -- two very different jobs).
  19. Riding or non-riding? Telescoping or non-telescoping? What kinda reach/size do you want it to have? What's you're budget?
  20. That is not sash cord. Sash, when on set, refers to weaved natural fiber cotton cording, such as what's listed in the links below. What you listed is polypropylene cord, a synthetic material, and that particular one isn't really used (save maybe for certain specific applications). That particular rope from Bevis that you found online, moreover, seems far too slippery, and if polypropylene is needed, better to get something like multiline or Endura for extreme applications. In answer to the question, the WLL of sash cord (natural fiber cotton) can vary greatly, but it's generally in between 30 to 125 pounds, depending on: diameter size; manufacturer; braid type; and core construction. http://www.kitsandexpendables.com/products/rope/index.html http://www.filmtools.com/ropelinecord.html http://www.filmandvideolighting.com/roandtrli.html http://www.setstuffrentals.com/products.php?mcat=8&cat=76&pg=3 http://www.rosebrand.com/shop/results.aspx?keywords=sash (Also, a simple search online for "sash cord" will yield almost all cotton cordage: http://www.google.com/products?q=sash+cord&aq=f) -DW
  21. see here: http://www.newyork411.com/Grip_Lighting_Equipment/category-cid-50658.htm
  22. Hello everyone, I am looking for the Arri digital cinema catalogue that was put out on 9/2009. Its basically a short catalog advertising the D20, D21, etc., with various articles in it. Does anyone know where I would find such a thing?
  23. No, a jib on a dolly probably would not be the way to go. Really, that whole last bit looks awfully like steadicam (based on how it moves, the unlevel horizon, etc.). The only questionable part is where the camera is "under the floor" and you see the bottom of the singer's shoes. This could either be a visual effects shot or just some crafty shooting/choreography under plexi near the edge of the stage.
  24. If it is a drop ceiling (tiles), can't you put scissor clips up there and do what you want with them? Also, I am actually working with Rodrigo Prieto right now on a movie (ones of the nicest DPs I've worked with... very cool guy) so if you'd like I could ask him about what he did in those shots if we get a chance. -DW
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