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  1. Hello Zachary, I have one for sale if you are interested. I am currently at work and will not be able to confirm until this evening, but I believe the rear thread is 52mm. Cheers, Gerald
  2. If this is free, then why am I required to enter my credit card details???
  3. Hi, approx 1 Hr. DV = 10.99 GB. http://www.digitalrebellion.com/webapps/video_calc.html?format=dv_ntsc_f&frame_rate=f23.98&length=1&length_type=hours Cheers.
  4. Hi Adrian, the Orwo UN54 is quite stunning. Have a look here: Vimeo. If you are in Germany the guy to contact is Helmut Rings film16. Cheers.
  5. WOW Fantastic. Are you able to do precision focusing?
  6. Imagine editing Gone With The Wind. At least you have a PC. :D
  7. Hi David, the forum you want to visit is: 8mm Forum. The person you want to direct this question to is Kevin Faulkner. In my opinion there's no one better. Cheers.
  8. Hi Paul, try contacting JK Camera, http://www.jkcamera.com they converted my H8 to Super8 and just might have a few adapter hubs for sale. G.
  9. Is it possible to successfully cross-process K40 as B+W? Are there any professional labs offering this service? Any ideas?
  10. Gerald Moore


    You should contact Dwayne's directly regarding "volume discount". It's worth a try at 20 or more rolls.
  11. To be honest I am not still convinced the problem lies solely with the camera or the cartridges. I have just recently used Fuji Velvia 50D purchased in Germany and have noticed jitter on both rolls using 2 separate fully serviced Bolex DS8 cameras. Using Kodak's K25 and Fomapan R 100 on the same day along with the Velvia 50D, Kodak and Fomapan showed no jittery whatsoever which therefore excludes the faulty camera variable. Could the problem lie with the film's perforation? Can one safely assume incorrectly perforated film stock can/will cause jitter?
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