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  1. I first noticed Griebe after watching "Der Krieger und Die Kaiserin" and have followed his work since. Das Auge Tom Tykwer's he's been called. I would love to team with a director like they have.
  2. I know that some shots were 65, according to the AC article. I don't recall reading if the aerial shots were or not. Frank Griebe is an amazing cinematographer. I really loved his work on Perfume the story of a murderer. I'm excited to see the international.
  3. im trading it for a lens with Steven Beverly from this forum. The Spring motor in no longer available. Thanks! Allen
  4. I do this quite a lot too with many cameras including the 435. I prefer it to the stick, but sometimes the camera can come loose off the plate. If a Camera is Balanced and the tension is not too much it's a fine technique. to me, it's just a bit more comfortable.
  5. Privyet Olex, I am certain it is a spring driven motor. I owned a Konvas KCP-1M a while back but I sold it for twice as much, the buyer did not want this item, as it did not fit the camera correctly without some way to mount it to the camera. I am not satisfied with eBay or Paypal much lately. They have changed much for the worse. I sold a few lenses, and Have $1,000USD frozen in my paypal account until the buyer receives the lens? I am not protected from fraud in anyway. Someone can claim they received the wrong item and not only would I lose the money, but the item itself. If you personally have interest in this, or know anyone who may want it, let's talk. Best! Allen
  6. Good Luck Renny, let us know how it works out! Allen
  7. anyone have a use for this Spring Motor for Konvas cameras? Price? lets discuss what's fair. I don't have ANY use for it, it's a 4lb paperweight!
  8. To do this You'd Need a Video tap of some sort. I may have a low budget solution for you. You will need to pull focus, with either a long Whip (if feasible) or a Wired Follow Focus, or a Wireless Follow Focus. You will need to find a solution for that. I don't see many affordable ways to do this without a job that will still give good results. If you absolutely cannot get a video tap, try this. Tape a small digital still camera to the eyepiece that can also do video, make sure to focus is on the groundglass. Make sure no light can get through. Record the rehearsals until you are satisfied, then record the takes and double check what you got. I'll share some images with you from a time I had to do this because our monitor was giving us trouble, this was a fast solution for us, and saved us some daylight to do many takes. Look on the viewfinder of the camera. the consumer stills/video camera is taped on there. here is a video from one of the takes this is a good low budget solution you can look into. however it is NOT ideal. It worked for us. Allen
  9. Thank you guys for your kind word, and helpful responses. I shoot about 70 percent on 35mm. I really push for 35mm since it's forgiving and is hard to make look badly. I've worked as a First Assistant Camera for about 5 years, and have been shooting as a DP during that time on and off, not completely letting go of my 1st AC title. I'm in no rush. I certainly plan on tightening it all up a lot, and making it shorter. I am moving at a slow pace however, I don't feel I've got enough good stuff to show, so thats why this reel ended up being long takes etc. Thanks again! Allen
  10. Thank you for your kind words Bill. Good Luck with the shoot, let us know how it all turns out! Best Allen
  11. I'd like to see the red do this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeUfvrPlVGI&NR=1 I hope one day I can actually try the D21. It seems like it would be a wonderful transition from film to HD. "It's taken 100 years to get back to that level of technology" I apologize if this has been posted before
  12. Hey Bill, Im not doing much of anything right now, sadly. I'm testing my Arri IIc Later Tonight though. Video Door needs a new tap camera, and I'm adding a video tap to the optical door, just need to cut some beam splitter glass and find a good tap camera for it. Things will hopefully get back on track on the commercial end of things soon, I hope. Hope you can find a tripod! What are you working on in Memphis? Allen
  13. hey Bill, just curious I thought you had a tripod?
  14. I've used black mouse pads in the past for emergency times. I always keep one in my kit. Best Allen
  15. Your own site. Possibly you can email youtube support team and inquire?
  16. never saw that. I'd be impressed to see them allowing uploads of that size. wow. You can always split it up like some folks do or get your own space. Best Allen
  17. I just saw it. It was a very very good movie I thought. Amazing cinematography, VSFX and Direction. I don't think the audience would notice whether it was shot digitally, but they may have noticed some videoish moments. Not many however. I think 35mm would have better suited the theatrical release and supported the cinematography a little stronger, some of the images felt video and lifeless to me. But not to any extreme factor, subtle. But when on video DVD or Blue Ray, I think it will look just right for everyone. Amazing! worth every dime! I've never seen Cate Blanchett look so effin hot! Ever!
  18. I'm not really sending it out trying to get work with it. Put it together moreso because I was bored. A little repetitive, long (4 minutes) and nothing spectacular. But if you find yourself a little bored have a look. tell me what you liked, what you didn't like comments and suggestions. let's talk about it. I'm not ready to have a complete reel yet and push myself as a DP just yet, but soon enough! (the snow mobiles-pick ups, we had one of the actors and underexposure was suggested to get wide shots without noticing the actors faces) Thanks! oh and the music is from Perfume-Story of a murderer (I loved the movie and soundtrack!)
  19. and what are you trying to accomplish Andrew? if people bad mouth a product then let their ignorance represent them. you don't have to DEFEND RED, let the company's reputation do so. it's all pointless. Don't be so offended by what people think.
  20. I've been shooting more than assisting lately. Trying to build a commercial background. Beginning of year was great, did a lot. This year has been OK, lately I've been sitting around, playing with Worral head and trying to stay afloat.
  21. RED is not some secret weapon that will give everyone equal playing ground. I fear for people who feel that way, reality will hit them hard. Any camera in the right hands will create impressive images... I feel a lot of people are pushing so hard for RED success, that the man behind the lens is being ignored. When good images are captured with the red, all glory goes to the RED team. But when We see amazing photography on 35mm, we credit the cinematographer. Cameramen shall never fear a camera. It's the Camera who should fear the cameraman who will find it's weaknesses no matter what format!
  22. I owned an R16 a while ago, I liked it. I'd prefer it to most Bolex cameras. Bolex are fine too. Let us know what you come up with! Allen
  23. Lens collimation, not Culmination. Is it reflex viewing what you want? It's not clear. Try a Beaulieu R16 or a Reflex Bolex, they are pretty cheap these days. I'd shop around on ebay. Things are going pretty cheap these days.
  24. I dont know why I sat here and read through all this. Headache.... Don't let the ad get to you. I enjoy film, but the ad doesn't bother me. I know the next frame of film I shoot will give me the results I want, and thats all I really care about. I thought the spot looked awful, I agree that it's not just the camera's fault. nuff said. really. Let fanboys be fanboys, and old fart film guys be dinosaurs, spend more time testing and less time arguing about what the fanboys are doing now. do your own thing
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