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    Waiting for the perfect Camera!
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    My family, cinematography,light and life. Without any real conscious effort the bulk of my work has been in TV. Documentaries and TV commercials in particular. I basically go where the work is. This has enabled me to keep my family clothed and fed for the past 25yrs in a job that I just adore!
    Feature films will always remain my driving passion though.

    "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
  1. http://www.redsharknews.com/post/item/2966-the-beginners-guide-to-luts Thank you Phil
  2. I have the 758-Cine but rarely use it these days, sometimes the spot meter. If you have an iphone check out the Cine Meter ll App. You will be surprised how accurate and simple it is to use and I think it's about $7!
  3. I would generally agree with you Freya most films screened in 3D are visually not worth the effort they put in. There are exceptions though and when It's done well with the right story and director, makes for a fun couple of hours! Transformers "Dark of the Moon" was jaw dropping good in the Cinema! For me it was a "ok now I get it" moment.
  4. Nice first post Ryan! Great subject to shoot. Kabuki is so beautifull to watch. It was really well shot, lovely window reflections in the eyes. Not criticism but more an observation, why did no one clean the stain on the back drop? Just drew my eye to it all the time.
  5. Always waiting for the next one! Thanks Stephen!
  6. He led the way for so many Cinematographers.He was a true artist! I wish I could have met and talked with him.
  7. Sorry for using aplomb that's an old and slightly pretentious word and sounds like Phil explained with "a Plum" which he didn't!
  8. http://www.redsharknews.com/technology/item/1657-all-about-sensors,-lenses-and-depth-of-field-major-two-part-article-explains-all You already knew all this right? But if you don't Phil explains with aplomb.
  9. Done! Expect big lists from Cinematographers when you ask "what are your favourite films and why?"
  10. Really good John! I was looking for softness in the wider shots as Superspeeds go notoriously soft wide open but nothing to see here. Your interiors were really nice how did you light them?
  11. Not blowing smoke Stephen that's just a fact! Was also fascinating to read his ideas on contrast ratios. The blacks 3 stops under key and something in the frame 3 to 3 and a half stops over! Filing that under "must be explored"
  12. Well you did it in Coward to great effect, the office scene could have been shot by Schwartzman
  13. Made my Sunday Thanks Stephen! He has such a special eye and the stills just illustrate that perfectly. I had forgotten just how beautiful Pearl Harbour was shot.
  14. I really don't understand people who work and make a living in this industry downloading films for free! I am laughed at by many of my colleagues when I say " don't poop where you eat" Mainly be cause I'm a small player. Which is fine! If thats how want it to be but I would just say this, someone wrote that film and someone else paid for it to be produced and a Cinematographer shot it with a crew who worked many hours to get it right. There is no way I'm not going pay to see it! Which ever universe you live in you're stealing from other people who worked hard to produce it and depriving them of there income! Now before you all start I am a socialist! And I understand that the big bucks don't go to the crew but that doesn't excuse downloading their work for free.
  15. There's a lot more than pededstal camerawork in TV Phil! Many documentary / drama Dp's have crossed over into mainstream features.
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