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  1. I have never used the Innovision DV Probe, but I have used the Innovision Probe II quite a bit and I am never happy with it. Most of the time, the lens never match in their sharpness. They only probe system that I have ever liked is the Optex Excellence Probe. I'm not sure if they make one for DV/HDV or not, but I think it would be worth looking into. Josh
  2. This might be a fairly obvious question, but I just want some reassurance. I have a possible shoot coming up that wants to shoot on the Red in PAL. I have never shot with the Red in this format and I am nervous on how my lighting (tungsten, kinos and HMIs) will be effected on the 60hz power system in california. Will all 60hz lighting flicker while shooting at a 25fps time base at 25 frames? Would it be better to shoot shoot everything at 24fps and have production transfer to 25fps (which I don't think they want to do)? I would prefer to deliver in PAL just to keep production happy. What do you guys suggest? Thanks Josh
  3. We did have a tie in, so I'm not to sure how they would handle on regular household circuits and I'm not to sure how the electric department was handling their distro. We were using the lensless fixtures. I don't remember ever having too much problem with spread. That being said, I almost alway start the light through a 4x4 frame of something and then either through another larger diffusion or into a bounce. The quality that stood out the most was definitely the light output. It was extremely powerful.
  4. I used them last week and was very impressed. They are considerably more powerful than 1200w pars. I was shooting a commercial in a indoor skate park that had large overhead sky lights and they had plenty of stop after being shaped up pretty heavily. I would almost compare them to 4k pars. When you think about it, once you put a lens in front of a 4k par, the amount of light that the glass eats will bring the light down into the world of the 1800s. Its a little vague, but hopefully this helps
  5. That would work pretty good. Thanks Guys
  6. I have a shoot coming up that requires me to mount a 7D to a car for various shots. We will be doing some hood mount shots, but most of the shots will be from wheel level looking back to emphasize the tires (see pic). I have used the bigger Modern hood mounts, hostess trays and rigging kits before on other shoots that I have done, but I need something more low profile and indiscreet. Also, if anyone can recommend where to rent such a thing in Los Angeles, that would be great.
  7. I have used the 18mm-85mm a couple times, but never on any projects of substantial importance. It blooms terribly in the highlights or around bright objects. I would put your money toward an older Angineux zoom that has been taken care off. You will be much more pleased.
  8. In Australia, What are they doing about the frame rate? Are they shooting both at 30p? I have a shoot coming up where we are considering mixing the two formats (Red and 5D). Its very action heavy (a boxer training) and we will be shooting at 24p. Still, there will a far amount of night time, natural light, running shots through downtown Los Angeles that I was considering using the 5D. I'm not a big fan of action at 30p and I have yet to see a good 30p to 24p conversion.
  9. Hello everybody, Not sure if I am putting this in the right section, but here it is: I have a Toy commercial shoot coming up and I need to find a person or company that can operate a remote control helicopter with a camera mount. The shoot will be in Los Angeles and we will be shooting on a Red. If anybody has worked with one of these rigs or can point me in a right direction, i would love to hear from you. Thanks Josh
  10. 6k Space Lights are definitely the way to go. Thats what i usually do. If thats is not enough, I would fill in with 5k Sky Pans cleaned up with 250 or 251.
  11. Hello all, Can anyone recommend a Grip and Lighting rental house in Greece, particularly Athens. I'm leaving on Monday to shoot a documentary over the next week and will need to pick up a small lighting kit and possibly some expendables(photo floods, lanterns, lantern socket assemblies, etc...) Thanks Josh
  12. Check out Laurel Canyon Stages. http://www.lcstages.com/
  13. My own custom designed set of ND grad and attenuator filters. Just enough to fit into one pelican case with my meters.
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