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  1. Anyone have any good websites to use for storyboarding??? I figure it'll be much easier online than pencil and paper... I'm a perfectionist. Basically I'm going to be working on storyboards for class and need to get this stuff done efficiently. Thanks!
  2. Just glad that as far as they know, it was not production related. That would have been way, way, way too soon.
  3. That's terrible. I wonder what wound up happening, if she spoke to Baldwin. I mean... Wow. I'm kind of speechless, I had no idea.
  4. Yes, even though blanks don't travel through humans and into other humans, they can still injure or kill people as particles still come out of the gun. Either way, it's unlikely one bullet would kill one person and injure another scientifically speaking. Did they say it was only one bullet? Because I don't see how it's possible for it to only have been one, momentum would have been lost and by the point of contact the energy would have dispersed. All I'm saying is I'm not 100% sure if physics will even allow. Can I get a further explanation???
  5. There shouldn't have been live ammo on set to begin with. Whoever brought it, was irresponsible and seemingly unqualified.
  6. I do understand that, yes. He is also the producer and I suppose he should also be responsible considering, when you look at it, everything that occurs on set, is up to the producer in the end. I wasn't quite aware of the fact that he was producer when I made my statement, and it still stands, but I see the point you're making and I do agree.
  7. I'm willing to bet it wasn't a high budget movie, so they're hiring people with much MUCH less experience. I haven't looked into the budgeting for it, any input?
  8. Wow okay. I've seen a lot more sources saying that at this point and I'm furious about it. This is a huge mess and I feel like this is effecting the entirety of the industry at this point. There should not have been live rounds on set to begin with and whomever was handling the weapons was obviously not qualified enough, if at all, to use the guns. I've heard she was 24 or something like that... Is that correct? Either way, this is a huge thing for me, again, why the hell was there ammo on set to begin with? They should have only been using blanks, right? I don't think I've ever heard of people using live rounds in a production... If you have an example, please give it to me because I'm actually really curious to see if that's ever happened. There are so many accidents that have been occurring on set and again, I think we're all dealing with this and I 100% believe we're all paying for it. It's certainly not fair to Baldwin who is an emotional mess at this current time and I'm livid about all of this.
  9. The fun thing is, I never actually noticed it until it was pointed out to me.
  10. Uli, As far as I know, they were blanks, not actual rounds. So unless there have been developments, no one was irresponsible enough to put actual live rounds in the gun. Though, safety still should have been on.
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