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  1. I'm not sure if they're still in business but you could try http://www.no-w-here.org.uk/ in London
  2. 1941! if Bob Gale and John Milius had been rained in, and forced to cut out some of the filler, 1941 was so very very close to being the greatest thing ever
  3. Neatvideo: https://www.neatvideo.com/index.html?gg5 works wonders on super8, much better than After Effects built in grain reduction
  4. there's a guy in the Ukraine perforating his own super8 using what seems to be a sewing machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl28o_O7PCc
  5. could be that I missed it, but I didn't see anything regarding the cost of this new film+processing+scan package. If the $50 for everything price point is true then yeah that's pretty good! however, there's talk over on filmshooting.com about pro8mm supplying the processing/scanning end of this arrangement; if this is the case than I think we'll be looking at closer to $100
  6. I'm afraid from where I'm standing the price point on the camera is largely irrelevant. even if they sell these at £500 or less it doesn't chance the fact that 50ft of Tri-X will now set you back around £30 (up almost 50% from just five years ago) unless Ferrania can deliver their upcoming product at a much more reasonable price my film shooting will be limited to the thousand or so feet I currently have stashed in my fridge.
  7. No.w.here film lab in bethnal green is being evicted to make way for yet more flats for rich out-of-towners. please take a minute to sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/landlords-protect-community-spaces-stop-the-eviction-of-no-w-here?recruiter=56216815&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink It whould be a real shame if they don't get to at least 1000 signatures
  8. try here: http://www.super8.nl/english/e_index.htm they get all their stock from Retro Enterprises who also manufacture all the film themselves, so once they sell out of their current stock that will be the end for single8 (unless Retro Enterprises make some more) yes, you can load super8 into single8 carts, you’ll need to find some pre 1970’s fuji carts as only these can be opened up. This is essentially what Retro Enterprises sells The cartridges can be found on ebay or Yahoo auctions in Japan and are available in 25, 50, and 200asa (if you want 100asa you will have to notch hack) Loading the cartridges is fairly straight forward but will require some practice Also, the single8 cart will only take between 25 or 40ft of film; so one Kodak 50ft super8 cart = two Fuji single8 carts. This means processing 50ft of film costs twice as much as most labs charge by the number of cartridges rather than the total length of film
  9. keep your film in your hand luggage and x-rays won't hurt it. I've taken 1000's of feet of film abroad and never had a problem
  10. even more grain than the dreaded Aviphot :blink: I really hope they can do something quite drastic to bring that down quite a bit.
  11. give this restoration software a try http://letransfertpellicule.free.fr/index.php/traitement-video/logiciel-tout-en-un-film-9.html it's french but there should be a link to an english version on the website also, Is there any reason youre shooting colour reversal instead of colour negative?
  12. silly question; but would the Double-8 film Wittner sells work with this? I mean aren't the perfs on Double-8 going to match the perfs on 16mm only with more of them? although, at over £50 for 100ft it's probably not the cheapest option
  13. the Canon 5D2, 7D and Rebels etc have their problems and quirks but Matthew Libatique was able to successfully marry footage from these cameras with super16mm in Black Swan
  14. get a copy of MacDrive. I'm 100% PC based and have a set of mac formatted drives that spend their life ferrying footage to and from different labs. A license costs lest then $50 and I'm yet to have a problem with it
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