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  1. Stephen, Thanks for posting. Fantastic work. I really like the fight sequence stuff. Hope you had a good run at the Film Fest. Toby
  2. Richard, Thats great news. I've been waiting to see this one for a while now! Congrats on the great distribution. RED that's funny. This place is always good for a laugh! Toby
  3. Lol, Thanks for the Link to the Trailer and additional Video clips. This looks really good. I really like the look of this. What Stocks did you shoot with? It doesn't appear that it will be shown in AZ. Any idea when this might by available on DVD. Thanks Toby
  4. Sounds very interesting. Is it available on DVD? Thanks. Toby Edit, just noticed this was posted in the on Screen section. Sorry
  5. Adrian, Yes I better shoot some test on the ol trusty OM-1 Thanks Toby
  6. If I dont use a filter what should I rate the Film at? 64?
  7. I think parts of Man on Fire were shot on 5285 Great Movie as well!!! Toby
  8. There has been a bunch on Ebay. I believe it ships from Canada I think. I know that's not London but the price is pretty good. Good luck Toby
  9. David Thanks for the response. Man you really like that Book don't you? I ordered the book a few weeks ago. I'm about 1/2 done. I will flip through it tonight regarding black and white photography and Filters. I'm shooting in the Forest. Should be a nice sunny day. I'm going for a low key, high contrast look. What Filters would you suggest i test? Thanks for the response and the Book recommendation! Toby
  10. Do I need to use a Filter when shooting this in daylight? Thanks Toby
  11. Do you have another link? I don't want to install a new player! I would really like to check this out! Toby
  12. This looks really good. I look forward to seeing it complete! Toby
  13. John. this looks really good. Let us now where we can see the Short when it's done! Excellent work. Toby
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