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  1. In case anyone ever stumbles across this looking for an answer to a similar question... I replaced the unit with one from a BL3 and all seems to be working fine.
  2. Hi everyone - selling my 2M. In great condition. Very little use and a recently serviced by Olex 17EP motor. Listing here... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192606458713
  3. Hi all, looking for a full aperture gate for an Arri BL4s if anyone has a spare lying around.
  4. Hi everyone, The footage/fps readouts on the camera control panel on my BL4s are dead (the unit still turns the camera on and off, just lost the numbers). I managed to find a camera control unit on ebay but from a BL3 that works (albeit reading in meters). Does anyone know if replacing the current unit with this one from the older model might harm the camera? (Had a look in Jon Fauer's book but nothing is said about cross compatibility on these units). Thanks!
  5. Hardly - people sell all sorts of films at Cannes to all sorts of markets. Worth a shot.
  6. The film market at Cannes has quite an incredibly diverse range of films - mostly B-movies intended for DVD/TV sales. They do good business! I would seriously consider going. Congrats on the film btw!
  7. The camera is now running beautifully on a cheap 12v sealed lead battery from Maplin - thanks for everyone's advice! Adrian, good to know about the voltage regulation in camera - puts my mind at rest slightly!
  8. Hey Aapo, thank you for the Nimh idea - something to look into. Nice website by the way - I also have a Konvas and you have some really great info there!
  9. Thanks so much Dom - that puts my mind at rest a bit. Am going to have a go with a standard, fused 12v 7ah and see how I get on. It's good to know I can be a little flexible when it comes to voltage - opens up the second hand options a bit with the branded stuff if it comes to that.
  10. So true! Quite an exciting time to be shooting 35mm!
  11. Good to hear Charles, thanks for that! I've had a look for cine specific batteries but finding any on the second hand market that are 12volts is proving difficult. They all seem to be 14v or higher. I'm just desperate to run some film through the camera - it sounds like the sealed lead acid batteries will be fine for the time being!
  12. Brilliant! Thank you Mark, that's really helpful!
  13. Alex Anstey

    Arri BL4 power

    Hi all, I have an Arri BL4s with no battery. My basic physics is woeful and as a result I'm getting a little confused as to what to get and I'm terrified of destroying the camera! . According to Jon Fauer's book, the camera takes 12v, 7ah. So presumably I just need a 12v 7ah lead battery, the sort you can easily pick up for not very much money? The only alarm bells that are going off in my head revolve around the fact that any branded camera battery seems to cost a lot of money. Am I missing something, or would one of these cheap batteries provide the exact same power as one of the more expensive ones? On another note, how important is the amp-hour figure (7ah)? If I had a 12volt battery which delivered 14ah for example, would that be a problem or would that fry the motor? Any help gratefully received! Alex
  14. Olex is the guru when it comes to these cameras - he will be able to tell you anything you need to know. His site has a lot of info as well... https://sites.google.com/site/olexserviceskonvas/home
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