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  1. Does anyone know of someone in the states who can convert a BL-2? I know Aranda does it in Australia, but what about US?
  2. There is a company that still makes 1/4" and 1/2" reel to reel audiotape. They bought the equipment from BASF I think. Anyways, my question is: let's say Kodak and Fuji stop making motion picture film next week. Would it be possible for a small niche company to buy the equipment and continue to make the stock.... or is it so complex that you would need a major company doing it? Let's take it a step further.... let's say we live in a world where there is only a couple million feet of 35mm sold every year. Would a small company or even a three man operation be able to produce that and make a decent profit, and perhaps because of low overhead, offset a price increase a little?? I have the slightest idea how film is made so that is why I am asking. I do think it is cool as hell that a small company still produces audio tape, it would be nice to know that such a thing could be done with film as well.
  3. Absolutely beautiful. Great job on the art direction and cinematography.
  4. I have actually watched it about 10 times because I am considering shooting my next short on regular 16mm. I thought the footage looked great, I prefer it over HD, even without shallow depth of field. I do have a question though, how was this transferred? What machine? To what format, etc.?
  5. Jim Exton

    Camera Cost

    I own an Arriflex 35BL-2 that I have been trying to sell. It will deliver a top notch image. The lens blimp is a pain for a lot of people, but it works and for low budget use, it is fine. Camera with barney is pretty quiet, in a small room you will still need another blanket put over it. All told, it cost me $11 grand. You can check out the short I shot with it in my signature. If you have any other questions about the camera, send me a PM. I also have a Konvas that I would like to get rid of as well.
  6. If you are shooting in a large block of time, not on weekends, it would be better for you to rent. Especially if you want 2 cameras. Based on what you have told, I would say for your project, I recommend HDV cameras. Having tape for documentary shoots is really nice. Depending on your crew size, etc, you might be able to go with the Sony EX-1, EX-3. Having someone to be on hand to offload the cards will keep media costs down, that is why I mentioned the crew thing. I would personally go with HDV for a documentary.
  7. I am pretty sure this is not accurate. From my understanding, the new Redcode numbers don't reflect the actual data rate, it is just an arbitrary number. There has been to my knowledge no mention of the actual data rates of the new Redcodes.
  8. Actually, yes. Nightmare is going to be remade by Michael Bay's production company.
  9. It was on dvxuser, a big deal was made that part of Munich was shot with the camera. I think it was just a couple shots. And I think somebody did say that Spielberg bought one.
  10. My first thoughts were: that is the best video I have ever seen. Really an incredible job done by the whole visual team.
  11. To piggyback on Ira's question, can a CP16R be converted or only camera that use single pull down claws and not a system of rollers?
  12. I think you should really look out for an Elmo 1012S-XL. These are really good cameras, very quiet, comparable to the more expensive Beaulieus and Canon 1014XLS. The Beaulieus theoretically need more tender loving care. The Canon fetches premium prices. Although the Elmo is a bit on the heavy side, it is the best bang for the buck in my opinion. And you can usually pick them up on Ebay for around $250-$300.
  13. Jim Exton

    Build 16

    There was a Old Navy commercial I saw on tv that was shot on Red.
  14. Beautiful images, great work man!! That first shot of the woman is my favorite.
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