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  1. Hey Peter - I have some you can borrow or buy - how many are you looking for ? Do you need 200 or 400?
  2. Hello - I need one of these for a parts donor for a project, so if you have one minus the wind mechanism or lens mount, but CHEAP, that would be perfect. Thanks in advance. Joe
  3. Anbody have any laying around or recommend a source for the Arri S cable?
  4. This looks fantastic - I'm using one of these (Cinevate) with my Scoopic and Beaulieu, and I hope it turns out as well! How much light did you lose with your adapter?
  5. I am looking for a schematic so I can rebuild some old motors I've had sitting around for some time. I need to clean out things and would rather spend some relaxing time rebuilding them than toss them into the skip...
  6. Funny I just read this post earlier today and 10 minutes later saw this same style flatbase in the behind the scenes footage of Soylent Green on TBS...
  7. Hello - I'm looking for one of these fine items used - I am going to replace the camera with something more modern, but I need the lens assembly to be in good shape. Cosmetics unimportant as long as it is functional...P+S Technik Directors Viewfinder
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