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  1. There is a scene at the beginning of episode 6 that is 8+ minutes long with roughly 11 actors, lots of lighting effects, a camera that's constantly moving with different groups of actors and no cuts. Very interesting! Behind the scenes here.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n8gJ81M39Ig
  2. I thought the movie looked great as well. It's amazing the stunts the actors will actually do these days... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzhb3Su8TAE I agree with Mark - I was shocked by the number of soft close ups.
  3. The two most informative books I've read on this subject are "First Time Director" by Gil Bettman, and "Directing Actors" by Judith Weston.
  4. I really liked the look Caleb Deschanel acheived in "Being There".
  5. I've got to say that this did not feel like Spielberg at all to me. Super 8 absolutely felt that way, but this piece feels original so far.
  6. I've just watched episode one--like the directing, loved the cinematography!
  7. Go to kinoflo.com,click on "parts and repair"under support-maybe you'll find it there. If you can at least find out the name or number of the part, you might be able to search & find it at bhphotovideo.com.
  8. Stephen, Just saw this piece on a preview promo for the Shorts HD channel. Great work!
  9. "Manhattan" season 2 is airing on WGN, lensed by Richard Rutkowski ASC interview with Richard here ... http://www.theasc.com/ac_magazine/October2015/Manhattan/page1.php
  10. Just received the March ed. Of AC. Congratulations on the write up Stephen!
  11. Thanks to Tim's promo code generosity (Thanks Tim) I have the iPhone version of this app. I really like this app. The interface is well designed, clean & easy to navigate. Among it's many features are a calibration tool, snapshot capability with notes (great for scouting), and the ability to select multiple lenses for comparison. I tested the app against a camera & lens & it was accurate. Two things I noticed about the app that could be improved are... 1. Would like to see a shortcut for lens selection on the viewfinder screen, like there is for camera format selection. 2. In the lens selection screen--you change lenses by selecting or deselecting the saved lens choices. If you deselect a lens, leaving no lens selected, before you select another, the app defaults to the first lens on the list (a 6mm in this case). So when you choose another lens & return to the viewfinder screen, you have two lenses selected-the one you chose & the 6mm lens. These are very minor issues. I have conveyed these issues to the creators & they are going to look into them. I was impressed by their response time to my communication! Again, I really like this app, and will use it often!
  12. Matthew, Check out dvxuser.com, there is an af100 thread with a lot of discussion about 4/3 lenses.
  13. What comes to my mind from your description is a single source such as a china ball directly over the table with a black material draped over the top to cut down the top light. Depending on how far the backgound is from each actor, you may need to light It separately to hold some detail. Two poker scenes you might want to check out, one from "A river runs through it" & "Michael Clayton". I don't know what your film school situation is like, but you should consider teaming up with another student whose interest is in cinematography, & collaborate with them. Collaboration is a big part of the filmmaking process.
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