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  1. Same here! My only 16 mm camera is a K-3 and I'm quite happy with it. I cannot afford an Arri now and this one is enough for my shots.
  2. Its sad to read all this... I used them for years, on a very regular basis, and never had a problem
  3. Sorry but this sounds a bit nonsense... There are plenty of Super8 businesses out there, so you haven't shot any since because you don't want to B)
  4. https://filmferrania.squarespace.com/survey/ Please take a minute or two to answer their poll ^_^
  5. 1 stop overexposure is desired for Kodaknegative films. Even Kodak recomends to overexpose them! Just insert the cart and shoot.
  6. Definitely nothing to worry about in the near future. Fuji discontinuation of cinema stocks is precisely in part because Kodak is spected to be there, serving to the whole market. Kodak for Movie films - Fuji for Still films.
  7. This is an important matter when shooting Super8 and is just a photography question. It is quite simple in Super8 but the fact that almost each camera is quite different from the others makes this more confusing... I suggest you to start by understanding the users manual of the 814, which is a model that can handle correctly with any film type. The others are more limited. Remember that the "non-Electronic" 814 needs a 1.35V button type cell for the lightmeter, which is another issue itself.
  8. The 1014 quality definitely worths it's weight. Just buy a modern wider strap than the original which comes with the camera and your back will be fine. If you want to avoid blurry images just close the variable shutter to 150º instead of 220º.
  9. To travel and shoot Vision3, I would pick up the 1014-XLS always
  10. Single-8 cartridges are easily reloadable. You can buy "metterware" Super8 film in big rolls and fill those Single-8 with the filmstock you want, so it's not a big problem after all
  11. The Canon Scoopic was a 16 mm, or a Double-Super-8 camera (DS8 uses no cartridge for the film, just spool, and gives Super8 film as a result).
  12. Try The Widescreen Center, in London
  13. Maybe a new kind of timber out there... Never heard of iron made cinecameras, anyway
  14. I did! The 814 Autozoom is heavy metal. Great 8 mm camera, definitely a must. For me Super8 is Super8 and 16 is 16... different things depending on what one is looking for. Never heard of the Bentley... have you tried it as a car?
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