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  1. Hi, There are only a few c-mount cosmicar lenses are designed to be used in sensors of 2 "and 1" that are compatible with the beaulieu 4008. You have to be aware that they have to be of standard c-mount and not c-mount to cctv, because the back focus goes far of 1mm beyond the rear ring and not enter in the body of the camera. After this all they have to do the Collimation (how to: http://lavender.fortunecity.com/lavender/569/lenscollimation.html ) to your camera with a brass spacer rings fit for that purpose and they are put in back into the rear thread to achieve infinity focus. ( this rings you can get here: http://www.edmundoptics.com/onlinecatalog/displayproduct.cfm?productid=2012 ) The lenses compatible with beaulieu are those marked with the red circle in the pictures below. All the others are not because the backfocus goes back far beyond the rear ring and does not allow infinity focus. For a rare 16mm lens I've found that just came out from behind 1mm screw back, I had to make a small change in the ring of the lens fix on the camera. I had to remove the small black ring inside the lens mounting ring as the pictures show ,and so allows infinity focus without hitting anything inside the camera, just like the others I have to put the ring in the back screw to get the infinity focus. The lens: This is compatible a backfocus With this backfocus is not compatible Regards Jorge
  2. Hi, I think this is what you seek, but a bit pricey; http://www.beaulieu.de/pages/s8_azub8.php Regards Jorge
  3. Hi,Thank you for the excellent explanation, this time resulted only taking the lens and making the focus on the GG, yesterday did not work very well also because of after the 14h of work in studio and have my eyes so tired that already blurred for they belonged.:) Best regards Jorge
  4. Hi, Also I do not understand how it is not in focus, but actually to be in focus I have to make new adjust in the ring of the viewfinder. I did the texte with a focus card to 3mt from de lens and focus on the lens to 3mt. will be likely that some element inside the viewfinder moved from side, or will be by my eyes diopters that makes that difference? Anyway I always must set by Ground Glass. Thanks Regards
  5. Now I am having trouble tuning and focusing diopter of the viewfinder, my eyes are not as new, and am already with 1.75 diopters, the problem is that, when setting the focus and the viewfinder diopter with Ground Glass I see all well focused, but when remove the Ground Glass it all slightly blurry, my doubt is what will make the proper focus, tune to my eyes with or without the Ground Glass? what will it be the real focus?
  6. Hi, Thanks for the excellent describe. Regards
  7. Hi, Where you place this target to pitch, in front of the gate without a lens? Great work. Regards Jorge
  8. Hi,apparently there is no physical problem of fitting the lens, but when working with very closed f-stop do not noticeable but when I work with it fully open apparently is out of focus, and the solution according to experiments that did is unscrew 1/4 turn of the screw to get focused fine. Then I think I have to add a washer on the threads of a certain thickness to that screw least 1/4 back. Does anyone know anything of this situation or have a similar solution? Regards Jorge
  9. 11 September 2005 - 10:24 PM, said:
  10. Hi, Sorry but I had to lift this old post, I bought a cosmic 6mm to use in a beaulieu 4008 ZM4, just as you said I think I have to turn the screw to have the sharp focus, does anyone know how many laps have to take to stay back with the correct focus? I think with the experience that I did get 1 / 4 back less. Regards Jorge
  11. I have one in german.send me your mail to send you the manual.
  12. You can by one in this site http://www.grannybot.org/~macjava/projectorpage.html Regards
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