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  1. That camera looks really clean and is a nice package. Best of luck with the sale.
  2. Looks like it uses a cheap HDV camera as the scanner.
  3. I've heard great things about Flanders Scientific monitors. Tons of features and very accurate. Pricing is good too.
  4. Here are some things you should take a look at... People have used an AJA Ki Pro recorder to record from an Arri video tap: http://www.aja.com/news/index_article.php?id=110 Here's a link to a demo of Arri's HD-IVS High Def video assist: As several smart people have stated, there are some risks involved with the workflow you've suggested, but with proper testing you might be able to make it work for your project. You'll need to make sure you can get reliable timecode from the video tap to your recording device and that the method of transferring that timecode is compatible. Having a recording device hardwired to your 35mm camera could prove to be an annoyance if you'll be doing a lot of handheld camera work. Give Arri a call and talk to them. If you'd consider the Aaton route, you should definitely give Mitch Gross a call. The Penelope is supposed to have a good progressive scan video tap (with timecode). Let us know what you find out and best of luck with your project!
  5. Borowski, Some of the high end DI software can paint out a hair. Also, The Pixel Farm makes software that can do the job: http://www.thepixelfarm.co.uk/
  6. The pricing sounds pretty fair to me. Paul, what kind of scanner are you using? Also, congrats on landing the Norman Seeff library restoration. all the best, Ben Rowland
  7. Other than eBay, where do people like to shop for super16 cameras?
  8. Tom, It's an impressive TV show. There are a lot of story lines, so in some ways that causes it to move slower than your typical show. I've enjoyed it and hope to see the stories develop well. I like that the writers leave some story moments open to interpretation - it gives my wife and I something to discuss after each episode. They do an amazing job at taking you back to that time period with spot on art direction and cinematography. The acting is great too. I'm a bit on the conservative side with my viewing habits - there's more sex and violence than what I typically watch. You may not want to watch it with your grandmother. Is the AC magazine article worth reading?
  9. I'm really blown away by the quality of the cinematography on Boardwalk Empire on HBO. One quick question about the look... On select daytime interiors they make it look as though the scene is only lit by sunlight coming in through the windows. Any guesses on how they are achieving such natural looking fill light for these scenes? I'd assume they're using HMI's through the windows as key with some sort of bounce or really soft source as fill. How are they achieving this natural fill light?
  10. I once cut an episode of a reality show that had a 120 to 1 shooting ratio. Most directors would benefit greatly from some time spent in the edit seat.
  11. As someone who is looking to purchase a Super16 camera, I'm glad to see prices coming down. Hopefully this will mean that more people can have the opportunity to learn how to shoot with film. Because it looks great! (when shot well)
  12. Paul Korver said: So does such a scanner exist? I'll have to save that for another post. I'm really curious as to what the answer is to that question. Looking forward to that post...
  13. How does the Lasergraphics Director stack up against the other scanners? Anyone used one before?
  14. In regards to Dylan's original question of how much he should expect to pay... I'm in a similar boat and have been contacting companies for quotes. The quotes have been all over the board. I don't know if it is appropriate for me to post what I have been quoted, but I've learned that it pays to shop around. I've still got a few companies left to contact, but so far Nolo Digital in Chicago has really impressed me with their fair price and straightforward pricing (they didn't pile on a bunch of fees). And they're using an Arriscan - cream of the crop. I haven't had anything scanned there yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to give them a try. I'll let you know how it goes. Shop around. all the best, Benjamin Rowland
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