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  1. Be careful with the Beaulieu cameras, are excellent machines, but they need to be reviewed normally, I have two and I know what I'm saying.
  2. I don't like this emulsion Agfa for S8, believe that its grain and low definition are not appropriate for this format.
  3. Hi David, this looks very well!!
  4. Hi, This is a Telecine s8 4k downconvert to 1080p. Film: Kodak Vision3 50 D. Camera: Beaulieu 4008 4K scan: Ocho y Pico.
  5. Marc, excellent sample of the use the s8 today, superb.
  6. I say it again, in Europe the right choice is to develop ANDEC or Super8 Reversal Lab, in the Netherlands, if it is reversible.
  7. Btw, why 16.66 fps? For recording with a camera at 50i, this frame rate is needed to avoid flicker.
  8. This is digitalized with a Panasonic GH2 and a reformed Bauer T502 projector to 16.66 fps. The lens of the gh2 is a macro Sigma 105 - 2.8, and I used the option to cut that has this camera to fill the frame s8. To remove the extra frames and converted to 25 fps, I have used the software P10JMC v8.
  9. It was shot with a Canon XL1 mini dv, real garbage on a large screen.
  10. I do not understand all this discussion, if someone wants to picture stability and not want to spend much money, run to buy a Bmpcc.
  11. Hi Anthony, David is right, Ochoypico give me a flat telecine and I do the color correction using curves. I don't use the pressure plate with the Canon, did a test and it gave me problems of drag, only used with the Beaulieu.
  12. I have several shots with 1014xls closed 5.6-8, and are a little sharper but nothing compares to Beaulieu sharp. I think my Canon has a problem.
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