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  1. I was recently having a conversation with a respected peer about the simile of being a Focus Puller to a Professional Golfer. A professional golfer can step up and hit most shots at will. But when the pressure is on and everyone is watching.. can they deliver? Not always, but generally better than most and the great ones more. It's really about knowing everything within the camera system, understanding the intangibles of the shot and after that trust and confidence that you can hit the shot. It does take time and experience but even the best ones have "off" days. It's not just focus on the barrel but also focus within your mind and subconscious.
  2. What is your opinion of the Leica? I have an older model of the Hilti and I'm looking to upgrade to either the newer Hilti or a Leica. Outdoor functionality in particular is something I'm looking at. For instance car jobs or working in the snow.
  3. This system was just recommended to me by another AC. He said he had tested it at a camera house (can't remember which one) in LA and was really impressed with it and that it seemed to hold up to the basic testing. He said he almost wished he had bought that instead of a Preston. Curious to hear if anyone has actually used it in the field and what's their thoughts are. I emailed Tilta to get some info. If it is everything they claim it to be and at that price, I'll likely buy one this year. I'll update what I hear from Tilta. Maybe someone else in LA has run across it?
  4. Curious if anyone went to NAB or have seen any new OB monitor options out there. I've seen the Small HDs and Tv Logic...what else are people using? In the market for a new one..let me know!
  5. I always have a hair dryer..and I keep my head shaved.
  6. Thoughts on the Epic?

  7. Thoughts on the Epic?

  8. Yo, it's still crazy to me to see your name pop up in the camera world..We've got to get up and nerd out sometime..Jason Knoll posted a comment right before yours in the RBQ forum..he is a Seattle guy, too. Crazy small world!

  9. The RED mote did not work out of the box and later on it was discovered a screw from inside the body had come loose and was rattling around inside the body- no short circuits thankfully. Also, the sensor was not seated properly. Anything beyond that is anyone's guess since it seems that RED's policy is to not divulge what they do to one's camera after they repair it. Seriously- I have seen cameras sent in for repair and then RED coming back with the repaired camera but not willing to say exactly what they did. Not trying to completely knock the company because I do enjoy their cameras to a certain extent, but some of the things they do mystify me. Thanks for the tip on the BNC tool. I was also wondering if maybe there was some sort of extension- similar to a BNC barrel but with a male plug in and a female tail- that is made to simply make the connection protrude out further? JP
  10. I've assisted with the ALEXA and EPIC. Andrew stated incorrectly: "The Epic is not the One or the MX, it is a fully flushed out system that resolves all of the issues that the first generation system had. The whole Red fanboy accusation is getting old." I find this to be a false statement. The Epic body I worked with has already been sent back to RED HQ twice with problems that should have been discovered before it left the factory. It is a very nice camera, but far from a "fully flushed out system". It is VERY beta at this point. Furthermore, I do not like the new menu system or user button interface as compared to the RED ONE body. The graphics look like Windows 98, are slow to react on the touch screen (which leaves fingerprints on the screen) and there are too many buttons on the side. The HD/SDI out on the rear of the body is recessed too deep making it difficult to attach/ detach a BNC cable quickly on set. The HDRX is nice- although when I used it, it did not remain locked in the menu causing half of the takes to be shot without it. :angry: I most like the menu system and body that the ALEXA uses over any RED camera. Very easy, consistent, simple and reliable. Keep in mind this is coming from an assistant's perspective. I don't necessarily have an opinion on the "Greatest Movie Camera Ever" but I tend to think that if one were to be named, that camera would still be capable of running 35mm film through it ;) . Digital cameras have made bold steps in the last few years but the litmus test for these cameras is still film. The whole "fanboy" deal could possibly be avoided by treating the EPIC as a camera and not the holy grail. You really need to use this camera rather than looking at one in a booth to base an opinion. Within two years we will all be talking about the next best camera and how it puts current systems- RED, ARRI, Sony, etc.. to bed.
  11. I like the blog..will check it out in the future.
  12. Just saw that Ed Sabol, founder of NFL Films, was nominated into the NFL Hall of Fame. Not the usual place to find camera people awarded but deserving none the less. Kudos to him for keeping the S16 format alive in this digital era and setting the standard for the way people shoot live action sports.
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