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  1. Lee Maisel

    Sony HDR-FX1

    All you have to do is turn OFF the auto GAIN by hitting the GAIN button located on the bottom left of the camera. Then the gain switch (H M L) set to L and you can change the strength of L to 0 in the menu.
  2. WOW is Right!! Now, how was it done?
  3. LOL!! True! The worst kept secret ever! Hey I live here in Abq too.
  4. David, EXCELLENT WORK!! I loved that movie! BTW: Bonanza Creek is my Godfather's ranch, he passed away, and I'm sure you met Imogene Hughes, (his Wife) A very nice lady!
  5. Hi Saul, Nuke City eh?? Los Alamos?
  6. So, when I export to DVD it's better to NOT deinterlace? Thanks!
  7. Well, after deinterlacing, and exporting to DVD it looks just fine. Just a quirk I guess. Scared the crap out of me!
  8. Thanks! I'll try it! It probably is the Mac display. It does kindof look fine in FCP, but in Quicktime player it looks like crap. Another funny thing is, on static scenes, the clouds moving look like they are marching back one step, then forward!
  9. This is Maddening. I spent the day capturing beautiful footage of some outdoor shots, and after importing them in FCP, they seem kind of jerky, with the squiggly lines. What are the optimal settings (camera) to use during the shots? And am I maybe doing something wrong in the import? I believe I have the camera set at 1080i and shutter of 60.
  10. on 2001, the whole set rotated! It was huge! especially the one where he was jogging. that whole set was one big squirrel cage. Must be nice to have a budget.
  11. Sorry to say, but the easiest way would be to have the actor be motionless the whole time, or moving very slowly. Another way you could do it is to composite the person in, and actually, it wouldnt be to hard, because since he's not moving, the masking wouldnt be bad! you would just have to make sure that nobody else occupies his space, maybe put a planter or something where he's supposed to stand to keep people walking around that spot.
  12. Chris: Thanks for the tip on Celtx! AWESOME!!
  13. I rent HMMWV's out for movies, but skedaddle is a bit too far for me, I will check with some of the people I know if you're still looking. A place to look is G503.org and mvpa.org you can see my hmmwv at http://dynasytes.com/hummer/hmmwv
  14. I dunno, I thought that shark was Totally COnvincing! NOT!!! LOL!!!
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