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  1. The question here isn't whether you need to or not, rather it is whether you want to or not? "Any knowledge is good knowledge IMO
  2. You might want to look into the Tokina 11-16. Its about double your 300$ limit, but its definitely worth it...
  3. god i just love this website... i guess i should contribute sense im hear and all well OP your young, meaning your like a sponge, i feel im the same way. Just learn everything and forget nothing, whether it be film or digital. Both are important in this day and age. But like stated previously digital is always changing, film is the foundation and will always stay that way.
  4. man that thing is sexy...not going to lie though i would be scared drinking around it
  5. The 17-55 with IS is just a great lens i mean what your really getting with the cropped censor is like a 28-75 ish but none the less And as for the sigma 30 mm that thing is beautiful, i use this all the time on shoots, with the cropped censor its about a 48mm and is the perfect prime for the cam
  6. yeah whats wrong with the sony, thats a great cam and apparently using it would save you some trouble
  7. Some one has been watching Videocopilot Andrew Kramer is just awesome though...so i understand :D
  8. I bought the dyi Igus slider and it works great, somtimes get a little stick but for 140$ you cant complain. Compared to philip blooms its a great basic slider but obviously with blooms your going to get that crank and counter weight or whatever while spending about 1000$ more. You choose.
  9. Why are you so committed to 1080? to get the look your going for you might want to increase your shutter so you get that "hyper realistic" look. If youd like to record 60p and slow it down a bit that might do something to help. Best thing you can do is practice
  10. Although this is a little different, and mainly using greenscreen, I think Tom Antos does a great job with it. YouTube Tom Antos "Famous Movies in 1 take"
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