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  1. You should maybe write a book about your experiences and filming. Would make for an interesting read.
  2. Been saying that for years now. Give us the BD and nothing else. Keep the price down.
  3. I always loved that particular scene in the movie so it's great to see some behind the scenes footage of it. Hope that makes it into the Bad Boys II Blu-ray should it EVER come out.
  4. Act Of Valor looks surprisingly good considering just how it was shot.
  5. I liked this version quite a bit. Much better than Tarsem Singhs effort.
  6. I believe that the score is extremely important to the movie. Prime example being Ennio Morricone's beautifully haunting score for Casualties Of War, or indeed any of John Williams scores. They are often like an additional cast member.
  7. I have no issues with steady cams, I do, however have problems with a lot of the dodgy 3D effects used in some movies.
  8. When movie studios stop releasing crap movies and charging us a small fortune to watch these crappy movies maybe then people will go back to watching movies in cinemas.
  9. Moore's Bond got more and more ridiculous. Almost like a parody of itself. Saying that, there were some good moments if you look hard enough.
  10. Always had a soft spot for James Stewart a True American and a fine actor.
  11. I think the shaky cam in the beginning showed that they were still in fear and looking over their shoulders and fighting for survival.
  12. I enjoyed Moore's Bond when I was a kid, but once my balls hit the floor I wanted some one who took the role more seriously.
  13. That would be great. At least lately studios have begun to put 2D and 3D versions of a movie on the same disc. Keeps prices down and provides future proofing if you do not have a 3D system.
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