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  1. Flycam is light?I've use flycam 3000 with 5D and 24-70mm, it's really heavy I ever used. I prefer STEADICAM MERLIN tho it is expensive, but it is more lightweight and precis adjustment.
  2. You are already know what most 2 important things you should do! Just do it! But I think you can find a ring adapter first to prevent lens flares.
  3. maybe let us know how much your budget is ? because most follow focus you know like Arri,Redrock,Zucuto...etc you can find in Amozon are all over USD500
  4. If you want some really good and not expensive follow focus,maybe you can consider Skier follow focus which can attach to the standard 15mm rods with quick release.
  5. Their email address is :skier_service@luck-in.com maybe you can email to ask quotation
  6. maybe you can consider skier DSLR rigs-[MINE LOCATOR] Plus which is made from Taiwan!! http://www.luck-in.com/archives/235 It only take USD$1438.5 more inexpensive than Zucuto rigs This DSLR Rigs can separate as two parts,the handles and the shoulder mount which provides better solution when needed to attach to the DV tripod. You also can put your monitor on left side.
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