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  1. Overview of Cinitel and products : http://www.blackmagicuser.net/index.php?/topic/61-about-blackmagic-designs-acquisition-of-cintel/#entry119
  2. Sooooo, does anyone know what happened to this? I found it a bit curious that there was no general public shot footage of an Aaton stand at NAB 2012. Naturally I'd assumed that where the Penelope's devlopment is at would be showcased.
  3. "And the sensor we eventually found [on the Blackmagic Design Cinema] was just an off the shelf part and we got most of what we wanted on there to build the kind of incredible camera that we have. One of the things we hear a lot is "could you do a full size sensor or a 2/3rds sensor?" … certainly we could if we could find one discreetly, one that would be less than ten thousand dollars and do higher than HD resolution and high dynamic range with a large degree of stops – that would have been great. Would have been a 25 grand camera maybe…Now that the cat’s out of the bag once this camera ships and we can do updates or tweaks into it we can really figure out where to go from there." - Dan May Source - http://www.blackmagicuser.net/index.php?/topic/57-blackmagic-design-on-a-future-35mm/#.UAtGn6B7d8E
  4. You actually don't need to update bookmarks Peter. The old URL redirects the the new URL. Misc important information - http://www.blackmagicuser.net/index.php?/forum/12-cinema-general-technical-discussion/#.UATuq5F7fTo
  5. The above is really interesting. Would it have made a difference if it was the Director in here doing what needs to be done rather than the Producer? (he could be both I don't know) The film sounds good. Sometimes a DP being lenient in terms of pay could be the most financially rewarding decision in the long term.
  6. D'you know, I've never seen a website and thought "This might be the worst website I've ever seen in my life" ... untill now.
  7. The 'piece of your mind' ain't really worth it, just crack-on mate. A bit of distance time-wise will have everything work itself out.
  8. Do you not think the post is a bit crude? I know somewhere like that too but some of the arches have small business operating underneath the tracks. Good combination though; the spacing, the motor and the brickwork. Anyway it's from Football Factory - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0385705/ Nick Love. DP was Damian Bromley - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0111341/ Different film (Nil By Mouth) :
  9. Probably the best post I've read since I got on the board. "The thing is, with irony that's visible from orbit, we actually are now spending something like the amount spent by the Chinese. And they're still making excuses for how crap it's going to be." This bit was my favourite. Precisely. Where has the f'n money gone. We all know the answer is the most painful thing. Because a typical example of what this bunch of sycophantic saps can get up to (and Labour / Conservative means nothing to me. 'Political 'party' membership aside they've all sworn to protect each other) when let loose with public money is probably visible from the Olympic stadium on the skyline. That's build cost. Nothing there about the 5 million GBP per month it cost us to keep it going while it was sat empty for about 4 years. But look at this (dated 2009) : Innit marvellous. I bet they can't believe we put up with this kind of thing together with everything else they get up to. George W Bush famously said once "If the American people knew what we have done over the past 30 years, we'd be chased down the street and lynched." Especially with the Olympics and the financial 'crisis', which of course just happened by chance, in mind, I think it's high time we pulled the purse strings a bit tighter on film makers in need of a few thousand to help them make a film. Either that or certainly make films people actually want to watch.
  10. I guess you've got a point Phil. But much of the United Kingdom is properly properly grim. And you rarely see it. It's mostly unchartered territory. I don't know if you watched 'Another Year' in 2011 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1431181/ , to be honest I think it would be precisely the kind of thing you'd hate. It's a family story, there's some psychological problems, there's a funeral and it's uncomfortably bleak in places. At the same time it has glowing areas of warmth and happiness, above all though it's real. But I've been conscious of my pull towards the decaying that goes mostly unnoticed for many years. The point is though, likewise the quality of work from this country goes largely unnoticed. Virtually any shot from 'In The Mood For Love' though
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