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  1. Hello, friend. I wish you would have told the truth in your response. Your apology is not accepted because of this manipulative omission. Also, if you do not mind, allow me to point out that no one in Hollywood may ever trust you again, or ever want to give you a job, considering that you cannot be trusted to keep your mouth shut about anything you do not like. Furthermore, what you have posted is slander. But I am not going to complain. You have amply demonstrated your own character. By the way, you now indeed have a friend for life.

    1. Giray Izcan

      Giray Izcan

      Please stop contacting me. I haven't done anything to you or know you. You are harassing me. Thank you.

    2. Giray Izcan

      Giray Izcan

      All I did was to point out the fact that nobody seems to be responding to your 877 posts and you brought the whole thing to the level of stalking me via my personal web site, calling me at late and inappropriate hours repetitively despite being blocked. I didn't mean to offend you and certainly didn't plan on you escalating things to the level of threats and harassment. 

      Moving forth, I will stay out of your way and not respond to anything you post and you do the same to me and let's move past this. Thank you.

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